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Shift in the Sense of Self in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

When I fall off to sleep sometimes, I will see an item like a horse or house, etc. I see it normal size then it will shrink till it’s micro size, but I can still see it. Then it will grow in size till it is so huge it over takes all sight. Does that mean anything? Is it normal? Oh, it’s normal, but like everything in the wide world of dreams, it isn’t common.

What you are experiencing is the nature of the self. Your “self” doesn’t actually know what it is, so it will often experiment with points of view. It can see things from all along the spectrum of life. There is a part of your mind that does fully understand the idea of a flower appearing to be a vast open floor of substance, and that is also aware of perceiving something like a human being as having the dimensions and complexity of a rodent. To a whale, a human is a weird invasive organism that for some reason insists on touching it, like a flea that supposedly only wants to give you a hug. There is a part of you that knows what it would be to see as a mouse sees. You only see strictly from the human point of view because you really rehearse seeing things as a human. Otherwise, that feeling of self is amorphous.

I once dreamed my clothes were possessed by my personality, and in the dream I proceeded to experience verbal abuse coming from my dresser drawers, as if that part of me was trying to tell the rest of me that I didn’t deserve to exist. Instead of being told to eat shorts, the shorts were threatening to eat me, but yes… Sometimes the shift in the sense of self dimension isn’t even obvious, because the brain makes a focused effort to overlap anything that “doesn’t make sense.”

In my dream last night, my apartment was really hard to get to, like I had to jump up on boxes and climb up a wall and go through small openings to get to it, and yet it was constantly being invaded by strangers. You had a shrinking dream also, and in fact was likely having a proto-mammalian dream. Been feeling sort of alienated from other human beings lately? Like they should just go away and let you eat your cheese? Yes, though they were messing with my computer. Ah, so you were a computer mouse instead. Dreams do like their puns and metaphors.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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