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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Unified Flow of Evolution in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

Why is it that some humans seem to lack the capacity for empathy?

Ever fall asleep in your living room with the TV set on? It’s part of the complicated issue of human empathy or lack thereof. Did you notice yourself dreaming about whatever mess was on the TV?

I have done that more than once. I fell asleep just as a cop show was about to come on, only to dream of a car chase say. Even wake up with the same mood you get if you had actually watched the TV program or consciously listened to the radio show. Well, that is how supposedly higher consciousness entities influence more simple ones.

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I had a very involved dream about my alarm which was going off. Often times, when we have weird dreams like that, we can discover that our unconscious mind has attitudes about stuff we experience in waking life that we weren’t aware of. Like a phobia of flashing lights say, but the interaction between animal minds isn’t just top down. It isn’t just smart animals bending the behaviour of less smart animals. I personally even question those categories. The collective behaviour of simple animals has the same impact on smarter animals. Ever notice how you feel when cricket noises suddenly stop? Calm?

It makes me feel unease, and alert. Your mind, at least for a moment, is on the same page as that of the crickets around you. You’re thinking the same thing they are thinking, and this happens in more situations than even that. It happens all day and all the time.

I wonder what made them stop. What made them stop is also wondering about a change in their environment. Frogs might be another example, birds, the neighbourhood dogs, even the suddenly startled cat.

Where is the line between their perception and our own, besides the one we wilfully draw? This shared influence between animals is more than a line of communication. It’s a unified flow of evolution. There are birds in South America that now imitate camera shutter sounds and chainsaws as their mating calls. All of our conscious activity is registering on animal awareness and influencing how they advance in their own growth, and the pressures generated by behavioural change are just as powerful if not more powerful than those generated by ecological change say from human industrialism.

That’s because they are photographed and hear the chain saws with the cutting down of the forests. Indeed. Animals are learning to forage around human behaviour and are even developing preferences for environments human beings create. Peregrine falcons are doing fine living in cities and preying off the pigeons.

I haven’t started sounding like traffic noise yet. I know humans who do sound like traffic noise, and electronic gadgets.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. sara

    So inspiring!

    • dru maguire

      I think dolphins and elephants are more on the offensive against humans over the past several years because they are the wildest we tamed that we deemed almost as smart as ourselves (who we deemed the smartest because we were the “top of the food chain”, but their “tame”(as in, humanly circumscribed) intelligence and their “wild” need for community, sustainability” make them the more evolved, on Earth’s clock, anyway. It doesn’t put them at the “top of the food chain’. Such a linear judgement is irrelevant within a frame of consciousness that isn’t constructed for dominance and consumption.

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