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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Animal Brain in Impulse


It’s established that the hindbrain has the ability to override any voluntary higher functions. Your reptilian and mammalian brains can shut your “thinking” brain off, but it does this when the information presented to it is too contradictory for it to feel secure about it.

Your animal brain isn’t afraid of violence. It isn’t afraid of hunger. It isn’t afraid of any one thing. No external object, I mean. It’s afraid of loud noises which includes over dramatized ideas of your personal experience. All the intensity we build up with our ideas of how we should behave instead of how we naturally behave. And it’s afraid of falling which also includes disorientation of any kind, not knowing how it can move or where, or that it can move at all. We create its fears as a matter of routine.

Afraid of appearing weaker? No. It’s not afraid of being weaker. There is comfort in being subordinate. It’s afraid of not being able to move with the herd, not being able to run when everyone else is running. The fear of being weak is a human delusion.

So it’s more about being singled out? Yes, but there are many human delusions. The necessity of being superior is a human delusion as well.

What about people who normally don’t run with the herd? Oh, sometimes there is a failure to communicate between an individual and the herd. The herd messages just aren’t properly understood or understandable to that individual, and they developed attitudes and methods to coexist with the herd though they don’t move with it in the optimal circumstance. In the worst case scenario, they come to identify the herd as threat. This doesn’t serve a constructive or pro-survival purpose.

It’s not bad to be this way though, right? Not wanting popularity or even to be anything like anyone else? It’s not bad to be disconnected from a herd, but there is a third scenario as well. Some have a whole different set of impulses naturally more dramatic than the rest of the herd. They typically serve as herd sentries. Being more sensitive, they are the first to run and the rest of the herd follows. Or the first to freeze, or even the first to fight. They stand out from the herd but aren’t truly disconnected from it.

Sounds like most big stars that I hear of leading the fads. Or religious leaders. Some of the more inspired artists and mystics.

And maybe picking up on things that the herd picks up later. Yes.

We have wandered far a field, but hopefully something has been helpful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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