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To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

Awareness Is Available in Impulse


I think knowing about our internal conflicts will really be helpful. They do show up externally in automatic behaviours. Don’t dismiss your accidents. Many of them are not accidental.

Thinking of them as different entities and listening to them rather than ignoring the one I’m not following. I do that myself and find that it helps. But besides accidental behaviours, slips of the tongue or even more complex physical behaviours. They register to animal perception as well, as animals don’t have the complex psychological models to filter them through.

Yes. Animals know when to avoid something that may hurt them. They learn it yet we do not. Animals and young children register distress on hearing the speech tone and having physical contact with conflicted humans. Humans can learn it also, it’s just perhaps more complicated.

We just like to play a victim. We are taught to play the victim. We are told it’s the real world and productive. The slave doesn’t need chains, just really compelling ideas. The bread and circuses of fashionable clothes or inconsequential trinkets.

I remember being a child and not understanding why certain people sounded a certain way. Because at that time, I was completely in tune with my feelings and didn’t have any conflicts inside me, so I didn’t understand those that did. That awareness is still available to you. It can surface more with conscious cultivation. Meditation techniques of a variety of types can help.

I ask my wife to explain people because she is willing, and intelligent, and insightful as well. I have met others who were willing but just projected their own prejudices onto others. I listened to them and only heard them describe themselves. She actually describes other people, at least a little bit.

I will break to watch the hockey game. Enjoy, and maybe watch their impulses as well as the game. It’s actually easy to do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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