When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Our Genetic Makeup is Memory in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

I am just wondering about how intent and willpower could affect physical change on the genetic level? Good question. How can you arrive at an intent? Can you intend to do something that has nothing to do with reality?

Every bit of language, every bit of visual symbolism, every memory trace is shaped by reality, and it all has meaning. It’s a language of a sort. So if you visualize something, you are triggering a set of commands that correspond to certain forces in reality. Visualize food, and you can make yourself hungry even if you don’t need to eat. Visualize an orange as if it was an unidentified object, and you will find you have a hard time making yourself eat it. If hypnotic suggestion set up that an orange was bird waste, not only would you resist eating it, but you would find the idea disgusting.

Will is attention. Willpower is just your natural tendency to exert attention on the world around you. Whatever you are paying attention to controls your thoughts. Your thoughts are always in the context of your focus. As they say, your focus determines your reality.

So putting these two things together, those things you perceive as giving you feelings (hell, anything you perceive at all because you actually have feelings about everything you perceive) set up hormonal activity, nerve signals and biological stress. You bombard all your cell tissues with the set of feelings produced by the focus of your attention which sets those cells up to become more sensitive to some chemicals and less sensitive to others, even completely insensitive more or less. What cells are sensitive to they take in and use. What cells use gets built into their DNA. So every attitude is a genetic condition. Scientists are right. Everything about your consciousness is genetic, but what they get wrong is they put the cart before the horse. It isn’t genetics that create attitudes, emotions and thoughts, but the other way around. Our genetic make-up is just memory. You remember being a flu virus. You remember being a yogurt culture. You remember being a carrot and a chicken.

It’s our path. And it’s their path also. What you eat changes you. What you smell changes you. What you focus on and have feelings about changes you. Can you think longingly about your favourite cookie and make yourself eat a spinach leaf comfortably?

So yes, if you feel animal try going with it. Just don’t try to eliminate the human from the animal. You might find your empathy for others improves if you are willing to just smell their smell, even if you do think it is just body odour.

Some of the strongest bonds I have with people are those whose scent has attracted me. We are all in the life boat together. It’s best to embrace that I think.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends, and good hunting.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Sean

    Firstly, thank you for the amazing posts you write!!! Secondly, can an energy construct of an animal have a similar affect of an animal.

    • Travis

      Yes. The process of creating the construct, as much as it may seem to emerge from out of the astral, always draws from the original template. You cannot imitate a cat without accessing the essence or spirit of the cat.

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