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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Repeated Phrases in Incantation


A pattern is fractal if it looks the same on all scales and has a quality they describe as self-similarity. Our mental functions, our language, our biology follow patterns that remain consistent on all scales. Our brain, heart and lungs are chambered. Our homes are chambered, our governments have always been chambered, even in the feudal era. They just called it holding court back then, and well, the examples of fractal repetition are endless.

The reason incantations are repeated is they represent this expressive process taking place in a way that our attention can readily keep track of. We subconsciously intuit that there is a consistent thread so we repeat the phrases for the same reason we look for consistent signs of prey we might be tracking. Though we don’t see the presence of what is affecting us, we are intuitively conscious that it is there. This is why we often repeat a short phrase when we are trying to remember where something is we misplaced. How often have you said “keys … keys… keys…”? That’s an incantation, and you are doing it because you know the keys are there.

I remember my attraction to “echoes.” Well, our ancestors lived very closely to nature. They had much more opportunity for direct observation of nature and its behavior than we do today, and even though they didn’t have the ability or background to rationalize what was going on or why, they knew it was there and could even see how it behaved. What impact it had on their world.

They didn’t know the physics behind fire, and they didn’t always see fire, but they knew that the principles of fire were always there and developed incantations to help their brains track the subtle things they sense in the environment that would tell them a flash fire is likely.

The same works for floods, or predatory movement and aggression, even geological shifts, feeling the strange electricity in the air and subtle tremors. It could be argued that they may have even been able to trigger some of these things on a small scale through imitation in their consciousness. Making the observer effect imitate the process that leads to rain say, so not only tracking but also possibly calling, calling to mind or observation the needed thing.

“Rain dance”? Yes. The dance to raise emotional energy and sharpen focus. What is science but the repeated language of math? Looking the same on all scales. We just use math language to help us predict the behavior of things in our environment. Why does the shamans chant have to be any different? Is there a reason? There is a difference in application of course. The mechanism by which the influence was sought was different.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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