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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

World Of The Shaman in Shamanism

Native American

In the world of the Shaman, there is no real separation between the inner world, that we now call the mind, and the outer world, that includes nature. They understood all experience as part of one single world. If the life energy is doing it, it’s real.

Everything is meaningful? Yes, but not necessarily of great meaning. Shamans often saw little events as nothing more than spiritual mischief or humour. It would probably benefit people a lot today, if they didn’t take things that popped up in their head as if every one were a crisis.

The world of sensation and the world of the imagination were considered two sides of one reality. To the point that reflections in lakes, or other calm bodies of water, were seen as potential views into the spirit world. They saw everything in dreams, or waking imagination, as experience of the spirit world. Waking imagination was just seen as vision. Though just as you might tell a hunter not to react to every squirrel in a tree, the Shaman would advise people against paying attention to every little imagination.

Do you think there is any role in modern culture today that is close to this? There could be, and to some degree there is, and it’s not the role of the priest or pastor who is more a keeper of dogma than anything else. Intuitives and artists, and life coaches, but none really delve as deeply as they could for reason of having to keep in good standing publicly. They have to keep professional.

Shamanism is very life anchored, so it’s easier to explain in the context of life experiences than as any set of recipes or rituals. Not to say that chants and songs and rituals aren’t used in Shamanism, they most definitely are, but they are used on a more personal basis. More of a personal insight of that specific Shaman or an inheritance from their lineage.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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