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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Path of Isis Through Kitchen Repair in Inspiration


Perhaps a practical example before we wrap up? Not from myself, those tend not to go well or be very useful. Any takers? A problem solving example?

Like changing a garbage disposal that was too heavy to lift?

Ok. First, let’s find your “god”, your core idea. This is nothing you ever see directly. It is veiled, but it colours how you see everything else.

Isis. Tell me what you think. She is the keeper of the word, specifically the keeper of the name of Ra among other things, and she is the preserver of the stories, the reminder/rememberer. She is the mother of Horus. Stories are the mother of justice. Do you find yourself almost all the time more or less thinking “What’s their story?” in a genuine way? And also serving as the middle person or arbitrator between people?

Me? All the time and if I’m talking about someone, I tell who they are with a story. They likely often say you know them better than most others do.

Of people I meet? Not usually, but of news stories I often wish I had more of the story. Well, you were meeting with Ptah there, and Ptah is known for not being the greatest listener. The component you sought to remove was outside of your normal experience, yes? Ptah is perfectly happy to talk about himself though, and to just do things instead of talking about them.

Have you ever just sat and listened to a problem? Let it tell you how to fix it?

Often. And it works doesn’t it? You likely already have an intuitive grasp of the skill I have been talking about today.

Or let it resolve itself. Yes, everyone has some acquaintance with it, but they cut the conversation short so it tends not to go very deep.

So the path of Isis through kitchen repair involved listening to the problem itself, remembering people who have had the problem, and not trying to figure it out mechanically. Have you ever really solved a problem mechanically?

Mechanically, no. Yet you still solve problems, and just as well as the next person I am confident. Likely even seems like magick in a way. Do people describe you as strangely lucky? How did your problem finally get solved?

My garbage disposal? Yes, was it Ptah or Bes?

I would have to lift the new one in place and hold it until it was clamped, and I couldn’t do that. So I got the floor jack out of the garage and wedged it under the sink and it worked great, was effortless. It was Ptah.

You like tools I imagine. I do. Though not as a crafts person would, and likely often use them in ways others consider “weird.”

Yes. That’s Ptah. Ptah is the shaper of the human form. You likely also really dislike anything that seems really mechanical, artificial.

Yes. Ptah. So didn’t have to go any further than Ptah for you. You and he are friends. Many would have had to listen to Bes instead, and go buy something, pay a skilled worker. Bes is the god of nesting, more or less, and those who readily listen to him tend to always listen to him. He is actually ugly, a funny looking little troll.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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