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You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience.

Attune to the Heart of Nature in Inspiration


Where do we go in life through thinking as we commonly understand it? Has your thinking ever changed your life?

It leads to routine.

Sometimes for the worse. Perhaps for the worse in that it tends to blind us at times to important truths.

Caught in tight little circles.

Would the opposite effect not be revelation?

I think by using both ways of thinking, observing and then analyzing. Indeed, and ideally we all need to use both. Through thinking we can “draw down” the divine which is the ideal, the “good”, god, philosophically speaking. Can we be inspired on demand?

No. That is peoples typical experience. That world as people know it in our modern day and age, but ancient shamans were known for being able to enter the “otherworld” more or less on demand.

I offer that you can indeed be inspired on demand. You just haven’t yet been prepared or equipped to do so. Your bottom up system is constantly working. Your dreaming mind is constantly dreaming. The dream time is the eternal now.

This may just sound like meaningless mystical rhetoric. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. The reason most people find magickal, mystical or spiritual thought to be so strange and inaccessible is because they are presented with it in the wrong way.

We didn’t “make up” the gods, they preceded us, and their presence is what shaped our various faculties. Every perceptible thing has its spirit. That spirit is echoes in a neural network in your brain. If you take the intellectual brakes off, and just allow the rhythms of your brain to flow like they will, these patterns of neural activity all fire on their own, naturally. You aren’t aware of this because you have trained yourself not to be. It doesn’t register as normal or “intelligible” thought, but you slip into this mode anyway, regularly. You are actually in it more often than you are in your normal frame of mind. You just have convinced yourself that you weren’t thinking anything, which is in a sense true. You have convinced yourself that there is nothing there.┬áReality is there.

They have recently even discovered something relevant to this in the domain of physics. They used to think the process of quantum decoherance was an all or nothing affair. The atom was either in a concrete place in time or space or it wasn’t. This has proven untrue. Only portions of the atom become fixed when observed. Only those portions that lined up with the original ray of light, the original point of view. The rest of the atom is very real and still there.

It’s possible that those natural feats of quantum perception, that many species do, may take place in their own quantum natures, but in which state does our mind experience the least amount of interference? Thought or observation?

Observation. That’s the basis of meditation is it not?

The patterns I spoke of are naturally relational, associative, and we do instinctively perceive them to be social. So one idea leads to another in a flow, and one idea may suggest another that never before occurred to us, but does this happen with our thinking?

It often stutters.

When we are problem solving, usually we rely on previous experience.

Does your thinking ever free you from itself?

No, it kind of goes in circles.

If you think too hard on it, then we can be ‘too close’ to the problem. Many times we need to sleep on it.

Do ideas ever free you from your old pattern of thinking?

In a flash, yes.

To sleep and dream, to rest in the arms of the gods, attune to the heart of nature as we must for our own well being. Can we experience life in any arbitrary way? Just pick one and run with it as if it were true?

The process that shaped your organic body and brain, the processes that shaped your parents psychology and hormonal habits… It’s been proven that mothers that experience chronic stress do impart an effect on their offspring, genetically. These processes are as old as time, older really. Even our prehistoric ancestors, even our non human ancestors, have imparted ideas to us. Things to fear, things to seek, things to trust, and things to doubt. Can we defy these gods really? Can we honestly say we made them up?

They exist but not as animals or objects. In animals and objects, and embodied in their behaviour and development, but transcending them as well, and we can perceive these transcendent elements in the world around us. We say things like the earth suffers, that communities as whole entities are afraid. These reflect a genuine truth and to disdain that because it doesn’t fit into a divisionary pattern of thought, well… How much wisdom has our government and science shown so far? They both follow that same attitude. They even call the education that suits one for political office “political science.” Are we happy, healthy and strong?

Too bad most politicians never study it. Oh, they do study it, and like most people do with their studies, put it aside when confronted with the realities of the task at hand.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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