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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Eshu Helping Ogoun in Inspiration


Let’s look at our classes first, or no, personal relationship then class.

Seeing my wife (Bev) from the point of view of Eshu, I would get the impression to stay out of her direct path, watch what she does and how she does it, and change things she isn’t paying attention to in such a way that no harm comes of the aggressive pursuit of her goals. But is it really that simple? That wouldn’t really help Bev/Ogoun would it? What would help her?

Make her see things in a different way? Insights. As Eshu, I would have to accept that I am in Ogoun’s territory, and in my own reversed way tackle the same issues Bev/Ogoun is. They say in times of war dissent is treason, do they not? Bev/Ogoun is always at war, and as much as Eshu hates to get caught up in those things, if he means to help he can’t stay out of the conflict.

So how I help is to focus Bev/Ogouns efforts. Help her to see weaknesses when she normally only sees strengths. She literally always sees the best in people. Not their intentions mind you. She doesn’t much think about those, but she believes that people will do what they are supposed to do, will act with honour and responsibility. I help her plan and focus for times when that doesn’t happen. I am the Bothan spy that points out the weak point on the death star, and yes, it does cost me my direct or prolonged involvement.

Bev, when I point out a problem to you, does it work if I stay involved in the task? Trying to fix the problem?

No. You want me out of the way don’t you? Yes. Not from any disrespect mind you.

Let’s have Bev share now. As Ogoun, Bev, why do you value Eshu? What use is he to you?

My secret weapon, to direct your ability as appropriate, against foes, problems, etc. I have an intuitive sense of what can change, what will change. She likes to have that roadway toward her goal be as clear as possible. What do you think? Is this proving useful so far?

So, now classes… Our combined presence and activity in class. If it were just up to me, do you feel you could count on having classes?

Maybe not. You would still have my help of course if we kept in touch, but it would be more spontaneous. Catch as catch can as they say.

Bev also keeps us on topic. Indeed she does, and I show the natural fault line of any topic, the way a thread of thought or conversation can or will go, and I can perceive the root that starts and keeps feeding it all. Sometimes that root gets cut off. You have experienced that, no? In classes, I mean.

Yes. How and why does it happen? I promise there is a logic to it.

People go on tangents and get us distracted either branching off or someone says something. Tangents, which I interpret as disinterest. And of instinct, I let people go where they want to go, which means my involvement stops being necessary. With Bev’s moral support I just try to repair the root instead. She makes me believe I can do it, that it matters if it gets done. A conviction I normally lack in these casual moments. It’s different when the person “distracting” me is the root themselves. Then I can’t be thrown off so easily. I have a sense of how that web of paths or connections is supposed to go and can be very motivated to address that.

So how this manifests in the website… It’s the merger of Bev and I, so it probably reads rather much like poetry. I don’t know because I don’t read it much, really at all, but I say it reads like poetry because it would show a passionate focus on points, themes and meanings, and yet also snake to the right and left just enough to feel creative, and likely to inspire divergent thought in the reader as poems often do perhaps not even related to the topic like reading a love sonnet and getting an idea for how to approach a problem from it. Is this how the site reads? I may be wrong.

The straight quality would be the blade of Ogoun, or Bev. The serpentine quality would be the path of Eshu, or me.

My point for all of that previous was, and what I meant to illustrate was, in dealing with ideas, the raw experience, you see and relate to all of it in your own way, in the path of your personal idea, which though not literally uniquely personal, is still the DNA or touch stone of your experience and your experience of other things will be coloured by that.

Ogoun will see everyone as a challenger. Eshu sees everything as transitory, on the move. You don’t even have to make the master of your own head your primary focus. The “gods” have dalliances with each other all the time. So Ogoun may currently be at war with Papa Legba, say. That would be “inspiration”, and every time Bev sits to meditate she will be back on that battlefield. It might be that she needs to strike a truce, could be she will indeed win that fight, but like everything in life, time will tell. You can’t just put an idea aside and have it stay gone can you?

No. Papa Legba is another name for Eshu, and the war between Legba and Ogoun can take the form of romance.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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