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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

What Would Ogoun Do? in Inspiration


Shall I show how to use this using my wife as an example?

Give me a problem you would like to fix, or someone would like to fix in general.

I am thinking about your website. Well, that is an entity rather than a problem itself. Shall we use popularity?

Yes, sure. Assume the point of view of Ogoun. What would Ogoun do? How would he feel about anything? Would Ogoun try to appeal to peoples feelings?

No, only if it would help to obtain a goal. Actually, never did. He’s notoriously insensitive. This is part of how they know he’s shown up in a ceremony. He tends to scoff at any signs of weakness.

The loa aren’t perfect. They aren’t even omnipotent. They are just active and powerful. The powers that be in the world. What would be the first thing on Ogoun’s mind? The loa are all irrational. The gods are “crazy.” This is important to remember.

Craft, build, style, definition? First, Ogoun would want to know what good is it like a military officer looking at some science research. Then he would want to know how widely useful it is. How much difference would it make if distributed and who does it need to be distributed to. Do you give every soldier a sniper rifle? A general wants a broad armoury. He doesn’t want to get behind in the arms race, so he would want to make sure it touches all the needed and practical bases, yes?

He would also want to know his enemy, know how he could get the upper hand and get what he wants. So just keeping up with the Jones wouldn’t be enough. He would have to be able to capture the Jones also. The ultimate end Ogoun seeks is to remain uncontested, to be in command and the primary authority on his domain. So has Ogoun given new guidance so far?

He’s saying not to sell out? Well, there is an additional problem. Let’s look at Greek myth in this case. The gods are always screwing with each other, are they not? Sometimes literally. The power of your master of the head is not absolute. Ogoun is often seduced by Erzuli, the goddess of love. The desire to be popular can seem to strip Ogoun of all of his power, and yet she doesn’t always do so. Pretend you are Ogoun and you have come upon Erzuli in her doings, what would happen?

Depends on what mood I’m in. Do I want to get stuff done, or am I looking for comfort? Actually, depends on what mood she is in also. Erzuli has many admirers. Everyone wants her, even Ogoun, but you can’t just take her. How would Ogoun have his way with her?

Build her something? Ah indeed, bring her gifts, pretty things. There are those who have Erzuli as the master of their head. They are powerful also, and valuable people, even insightful. They tend to know the human heart very well. Ogoun would need this guidance. He knows his enemies behaviour but not why, so his ability to anticipate peoples long term behaviour is poor. Not seeing the big picture. He gets in trouble because of that blind spot, even gets provoked into doing things he regrets because he’s ignoring the heart.

What idea would you say governs my head?



Would you say I am adventurous? No.

It seems that you crave knowledge.

He craves data. I’m not so sure about knowledge. I have issues with instability, change, so my loa is Baron Samedi, perhaps, or there is another. I will offer both. Tell me which you think.

Baron Samedi.


Eshu. I will go with Eshu. So how would Eshu and Ogoun interact?

They remind me of the paladin and the warlock. 

Even in our heavily commercial fantasy the “gods” keep popping up. So if the power of the website is a combination of my spirit and my wife’s…

That seems like a good combination. It can be, if I don’t frustrate Ogoun too much that is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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