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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Major Arcana: Temperance and Tower in Tarot

Tarot Temperance Major Arcana

The temperance card. Ever notice that as dramatic as life can be, everything seems to even out over time?

Evening the water in the jugs. An angel pours sometimes from one jug to another. Water is the giver of life, but too much and we drown in it. Well, this card is the reason we never really drown.

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Temperance is about balance? Yes, and as I said earlier, all the major arcana can alter or disrupt the progress of the minor arcana.

Tarot Temperance Major Arcana

Temperance Major Arcana

Ever find yourself deeply in love with a person, place or idea, only to have it mellow out? Ever find yourself really invested in a learning process only to have your understanding come to a screeching halt? Temperance does this. Temperance isn’t a destroyer, but nothing unbalanced can endure.

Like entropy. Yes. It’s the wisdom of the universe asserting itself and preserving the basis by which your life even started in the first place.

Now, the tower card. What are your impressions of this picture?

Destruction. Fall. Act of god. What are the circles in the air? Rocks? Atoms. This version of the tower imagery has a more powerful elemental nature.

Tarot Tower Major Arcana

Tower Major Arcana

Is that fire hitting the top? It is, yes.

Ever have that feeling of dread when you begin to wonder exactly where the limits are?

Yes. Wondering when you’ll be found out because everything is going your way. When things go too well, you are waiting for something to go wrong. That is the tower. Every storm, every act of god, every event whatsoever will eventually play itself out, and this includes human effort. Does this apprehension leave anything in your life unchanged? Does the tower here leave anything in your life untouched?

The expressions here are calm. Yes. Their leap is also a leap of faith. They show recognition that the only real security is in continuing to build, continuing to live.

So the person at the bottom is already starting to rebuild? In their mind, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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