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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Minor Arcana Model of the World in Tarot


I have a question for you, do we do anything not reflected in the tarot four minor arcana suits (Swords and Staves, Pentacles and Cups)?

Each of these suits is reflected by aspects of the human mind, and all suits are reflected to perhaps different degrees in all people, perhaps at different times. The minor arcana follow a numeric progression, and do we not also experience a sense of progression in each of these processes?

In your mind, and this has been established even by science, your brain forms categories. Times when I was being thoughtful, times when I was passionate, times when I was at home, and times when I was alone. But though we have those general categories, is every event the same?

No. This is why we can make an infinite number of stories out of them, novels/movies etc. But are the stages infinite, or do they repeat? Each of the suits of the minor arcana repeat as well.

Do they repeat at a different level? They repeat in four general realms, each governed by the principle represented by one of the court cards. The quest to grow relationships is the cycle repeating in the realm of the knight of cups.

If you want to consider the nuts and bolts of life, you have it all in the minor arcana. The cycle of fire (staves), and its four realms. The cycle of air (swords), and its four realms. The cycle of earth (pentacles), and it’s four realms. The cycle of water (cups), and it’s four realms. And you have the bit players, through Joe and Jane average types, in the court cards.

The realms are represented by the king, queen, knight, and page? Yes, and think of those as functions more than genders. King is the control mode. Queen is the nurture mode. Knight is the build mode, and Page is the learn mode. We all enter one of those modes in any of the four elemental realms at any given time. We all have to learn at different times about different things, and we go on from there.

With just the minor arcana, we have a huge model of the world and our experience, and we haven’t even begun the major arcana.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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