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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Reverse The Course Of Ignorance in Tree Of Life


The story of humanities exile from Eden is reflected in the Kabbalah. In the primal state, humanity existed in a way that was little differentiated from nature. Supreme harmony if you can envision it, but with the awakening to a discriminating mind, man began a descent into lower states of mind and thus also literal being.

In the Kabbalah, there is no external world as we define it these days. The only real world is spiritual. The only true reality is God. So, mans descent into the state we know now was not as a punishment, but more a consequence of human error, a goof of judgement.

We forgot our spirit? Yes, exactly.

Now though the stages of emanation or emergence did happen sequentially, they are not bound by time. They all exist here and now, and are also present in our own psyches/souls.

We feel shame if we forget our child. It should be the same way for our spirit. I partially agree. Not fully because shame is the reason humanity got lost in the first place. He began to consider that there were parts of reality that they should be different than and set themselves apart from.

Now the purpose of Kabbalism as a teaching and practice is to reverse the course of human ignorance and turn to harmony with God. But it happens in stages, and their methods are largely meditative. The outer behavioural changes are seen as nothing more than an outgrowth of the inner insight or maturity. Each characteristic of human consciousness corresponds to one of the sephira which means that in following the path fully each facet of our being must be moved into and then through. Both the qualities we considered severity and mercy have to be mastered, or it’s believed that you will fall back to the sphere that you did not master.

How do you master and still be balanced? You need to focus on one to master it, don’t you? You master by finding balance in the experience of the influence.

You must progress with balance? Yes. When you move into each stage, you are confronted with the spirit that governs that stage or phase of existence. Each of these beings has unique characteristics and the being embodies its sphere completely.

You need to experience loss in order to learn how to win? Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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