Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Three Realms in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

What do you think of when you think of fairies?


Little tiny girls with wings, wands and faerie dust.

The ones people want to see are cute and light.

People report seeing fairies.

What do they usually describe seeing? Orbs of light maybe like fireflies? Yes, basically orbs. Sometimes with somewhat human imagery, often not.

Could be aliens or extra dimensional creatures? Well, the term extra dimensional creature is perhaps too broad. Too vague to be meaningful.

Fairies seem to appear more for children than they do for adults too. Most supernatural creatures fit that bill, but fairies especially.

I was thinking we’re all extra dimensional on some scale. Yes. Five year old me is an extra dimensional creature.

There are three broad realms associated with human experience. All three show up in every culture across the planet. Here is our realm, the middle earth. There is the celestial realm, or the sacred mountain, and there is the underworld. If you visualize this model (though it is not literally true as things are not that simple, not that clear cut) it can help you to organize the presences in our world into different orders of being.

A lot like layers of rock, they are not all even and perfect. Exactly. Good analogy.

In the realm of the underworld, you have what are universally “elemental” beings. The elemental beings tend to be very primitive seeming, primal, crude, wild, and are typically often seen as threatening. An important note, the American view of elementals and the European view are not the same. I am speaking from the older European view. The European view of elementals is as a group of proto-form entities. Not exclusive of, but not limited to the Greek elements.

Air, water, fire, earth? Includes them, but also includes all first forms. Every unevolved root that came to full expression in our world.

How is the American view different? The American view of elementals is limited and usually dictated by popular fantasy fiction. More element puppets than true monadic entities.

Examples? An example could be drawn from Arabic legend. In their reckoning, man was not created first, just created best, and before man was a race of creatures made of smokeless fire. Another legend comes from old Gnostic stories. The story of the “first born”.

Djinn? Djinn are purer efreet. But the first born was Gods first stab at creating something like man and was created to be almost identical to God. This creature was equal parts dark and light and possessed of an unruly temper so God didn’t finish creating it and instead confined it in a pit. In an abyss outside of reality more or less the underworld.

Now in the celestial realms, you have beings possessed of almost perfect form. The entities of the celestial realms are seen as being very God like, holy and transcendent, and typically act on the world in ways perhaps like astrological forces. In fact, the astrological forces were seen as being governed by angel like beings called Archons, but a monad is the elemental “soul” responsible for the reality of anything. The support behind its existence.

So yes, the guardian angels, and things like that, would be creatures of the celestial realm, though not all of these creatures are kindly disposed to humans. This is why you hear of so many beings fallen from the heavens.

Now we get to the middle earth. All of these realms are actually earth, not any other planets. They are nested facets of our single reality.

In the middle realm we are not alone. But as much as we might “own” our planet, we are not alone on it. The planet has arisen with its own support system. It has organs and unseen spaces behind the spaces we do see. Sort of how a customer never really sees the back room of the store, or an average citizen never sees the sewers of their city.

Like the doors in the movie “The Adjustment Bureau”. Yes. The planet earth has a hyperspace component to it that runs between the celestial and underworld phases. We are not the only creatures that live here, and organic creatures are not the only creatures that live here. If you want some physical traces to support this assertion, they have found both methane breathing bacteria in the deep seas, and micro-organisms that incorporate arsenic into their metabolic processes right here on our planet.

Non-organic? Crystalline creatures? Well yes, and even such things as prions which aren’t life as we define it but behave like the life form we call a virus.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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