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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

Life Forms Beyond in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

There are life forms that live behind our world. They are living things but are not governed by the time-space parameters we are, and their relationship with our world is a sort of maintenance role. They have a profoundly symbiotic relationship to matter itself.

They keep an eye on us? Custodial bots? On us and everything else as well. Like custodial bots perhaps, but not actually robots. (Robot being a Slavic word meaning slave.) They are heavily invested in the operation of our world because their own life processes are shared with the systems of our world as a whole. You wouldn’t cut down a tree if it meant your heart would stop.

If we ruin our earth, we ruin theirs too? Yes, and they aren’t happy about that by the way.

Seems like a running theme in all the universe. If we screw up, we screw everyone else up? Yes. The multiverse is a huge web. Cut one strand and you have altered the whole web, and it’s a shame to have to edit what should never have needed editing.

Humanity used to be much more sensitive to the beings behind our world. More intuitive and instinctive, and they realized that things that happened in their environment had ties to these beings. This is why there are so many old rhymes and bits of lore and advice about how to deal with fairies. Humanities relationship with them was seen to have a rather immediate impact. Good relations leading to prosperity. Bad relations leading to bad luck if not worse.

Faeries are the custodians? In a sense, but more like active symbionts. Emissaries of the natural world.

Does human superstition come into play in terms of relations? Human superstition does come into play, yes, but humanity has always communicated at least somewhat poorly.

Thinking that fae were witches and to be avoided so you didn’t get enchanted by them. They think being fae is unnatural perhaps because of the magic it takes to fly. A human shaped being with wings. That raises perhaps the core point. Ever notice that the natural world seems oddly more variable than people are willing to admit?

People make up these mechanical rules, and though they aren’t completely wrong, they are often fudged and sometimes seemingly ignored? Like how long it takes food to spoil say, or exactly what it takes for the weather to change.

We keep surpassing the so called limits of the human body for example. Yes. Science has some seriously gray edges about it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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