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There is a coherence beyond neural linkage. Something that persists beyond brain damage. That knows an ‘I’ without defining ‘I’. It is the bit which is left when chat stops in meditation. That is the true self.

Unseelie Fey in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

What is science and what is exploitation? Much is exploitation. This is why we are having so much trouble now. There were many old pacts and taboos, treaties if you will, that have gone completely ignored even when things were more harmonious between us and our neighbours. This is and will have ramifications, but that’s not tonight’s point. That’s an old bit of fey lore actually. The human word we call them now meant malicious imp.

Do you have an example of an old pact or taboo? Leaving some of the harvest was an old agreement. The fairies would glean that in their work with nature. Humans don’t do that anymore.

Perhaps to replenish the nutrients in the soil. Yes, and to distribute across the wider ecosystem.

A shame, and agriculture is suffering. Supposedly, invasive species are being discovered to be a better influence than people thought they were, and these species are becoming even more invasive. There is a reason for that.

On the subject of invasive species, this brings us to the Dark Fey. Everything in nature has its fey symbiont. A companion to the normal world creature, and some creatures and their fey have never trusted or been friendly toward humanity. The Unseelie.

So like every tree has its fey, or just trees in general? Yes, though fey are not strictly species specific. They travel interspecies sort of like bees going from flower to flower.

So there is a cat fae and an elephant fae? I bet the elephant fae strains its wings often. Actually, the little flying person is not the only form fey take. The “shadow people” are fey, and the shadow people are unseelie. The boggarts are also unseelie. The orbs people see. And the boggarts have taken an interest in human electrical systems.

Are the Dark Fey the ones we classify as not friendly to humans? Actually, no. The Dark Fey would fall into the line of the fey of “barren” places. The places humanity has considered barren, but they have more sympathy with their cousins than they once did.

Leprechauns? The leprechauns have moved into human farms where before they preferred animal burrows. They have kept their lands. Humans just have farms on top of them now, so the leprechauns have been making interesting alterations to the diet of livestock. Adding things to their environment that changes them in a lot of ways.

Are leprechauns unseelie? They are, yes, but they used to avoid humans. There has never really been war between humanity and the fey as a whole, though there have been skirmishes.

But don’t leprechauns like forest? They do like forest, yes. Their forests are largely gone now, and they have adapted. So what do you mean by barren? Barren as not fit for human settlement. This was the original sense of the word way back when. Heavy forests, swamps, places like that.

Deserts and badlands. Tundra. Yes, even pine barren forests. There are places in the east coast of the States that fit this bill. The Jersey Devil is fey. But as I said earlier, fey are inter species symbionts and are even symbiotic with actual elemental life forms. Which means fey can range far and wide across the earth.

Hmm… fire fae? Yes, there are fire fey and sky fey. They just aren’t limited to elemental realms.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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