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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Fey Creatures Of Earth in Dark Fey

Dark Fae

Dark Fey are of middle earth. Are they symbiotic with the underworld and celestial realms? They don’t go to the underworld or celestial realms. They are ageless, but they do die. Their passing is just not a function of time. They aren’t enemies of the celestial or underworld either, but they are creatures of the earth same as you and I are. When they die they go on to an afterlife the same as we do.

I’m reminded of good bacteria that rides around on many different organisms keeping them healthy. That is one part of their system, yes. They govern that realm, and thus also can sway those that bring disease.

Fey are accused of being evil just because they are dark when light lovers can still do bad things. In human standards, I think fey are far more balanced. This is true. But they sway these things, they are not defined by these things. You try telling a Redcap it’s not fey, and well… You will find yourself bleeding.

Do we call them dark because they’re associated with places that would be unhealthy or difficult for humans to dwell in? Actually, they are called dark because in their section of the fey world they are willing to do things the more pastoral fey are not able to do, or are not equipped to do.

What are they willing to do the others aren’t? Eat animal flesh is one I know of. Most light fae are veggies. Yes. Many Dark Fey are predatory.

Are there radiation fae? Fey can become irradiated, and they do mutate as well. Fae that thrive in high radiation? No. None that thrive in it.

I’ve seen android fae. They are not just creatures from primitive earth. They could wear jeans and have iPhones too. Other worlds have their own version of fey and the temporal plane is immeasurably broad. The Dark Fey resonate with the dark force. Dark energy/matter. It’s a force of negentropy but chaotic by human standards, and the dark fey have a taste for “vampirism”. In fact, the vampiric potential is what sets them apart. The Light Fey are never parasitic, only symbiotic.

Dark Fae often appear bat like. Yes, and they have symbiotic ties to parasitic vermin. Fungi are the territory of Dark Fey. Toadstool rings are created by them. The Dark Fey serve as the militant branch of fey culture as a whole, but in the past have deferred to their more peace loving Light Fey. They don’t like unnecessary violence any more than any other living creature, but like human militants they tend to see things as provocation more readily. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The peace time job of the Dark Fey is to maintain decay. One of their jobs. They also cull species. Humans are not excluded from that.

Are we ready for a culling? It’s in heavy debate right now, if you are asking about the fey opinion.

Were the fae in Japan a bit annoyed? Yes. In Japan, they are called Hengeyokai.

They have been working against the interests of nature. Hunting endangered species of whales. There will be fox fire visible in many places there for a while, and it was the carp fey who took action in their offshore waters. They work with the shou-lung, the earth dragons. So even the Light Fey are now more grey than shining. The shining ones are growing more and more shadowed. The Dark Fey regret this, but will not oppose this change of attitude.

Why are they becoming grey? They are “slow” to embrace change, not living in the temporal world anyway. So they have just recently begun to change their own ways. They started the change in the industrial era. It’s about ready to go into full swing now.

For what reason? Human toxicity. It isn’t just humans who are being born strange now, and human births have been influenced by the change in fey policy, including a return to injecting their own young into the human gene pool.

Indigo kids? Yes. This is also why they have that defiant streak. There is more than enough justification. I myself am not connected to this agenda. My own abnormalities predate these issues.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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