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Perhaps all the moralism, and all the self sanctified enlightenment is in its way the biggest fuel for the evils they themselves deride?

Curious Creatures in Curiosity


What is the consequence of refusing curiosity? Has anyone had a positive experience because they refused to give place to curiosity? Compulsion is not related to curiosity, and people very often have negative consequences when locked into compulsive behaviour.

I don’t think I have the ability to not give in to my need to explore. Signs that say no trespassing make me want to totally trespass, just because I want to see what they are hiding. Yes, and it isn’t just contrariness that makes us want to investigate a no trespassing sign. It’s that we know that a human being posted it, and are drawn in by wondering, “Why?”

I don’t break rules gratuitously. I just allow myself to put aside things I don’t comprehend, and maybe share what I learn in regards to this set of rules I don’t understand. We know that often, rules are made not because something is right, but because something is or has the potential to be wrong. We can desire to break rules for altruistic, even heroic, reasons.

Spite is not related to curiosity either. Spite is a compulsive behaviour not at all in service to the minds growth or well being, not on its own.

I guess that brings the hoax to mind as well. That goes with exploiting curiosity. Why it’s so easy to get fooled. True. They can and do use what is ultimately, in a sense, an “animal”, and thus in a way uncontrollable drive. We can’t really choose to be curious or not to be curious. We are by default curious creatures. What we have voluntary control of is how that is focused.

Good marketers will use a ploy to heighten our curiosity. They use the simple phrase. “Call now!” It is remarkably compelling if not reflected upon.

I will summarize that curiosity is natural and the source of your joy and vibrancy in life, but it is in your best interest to claim it for yourself. Direct it for yourself so it serves your best interests, otherwise others will direct it for you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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