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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

When Are You Not Curious? in Curiosity


The topic is curiosity, and you were all curious. But what does it mean to be curious? Thoughts?

Wanting to know more? It has its roots in desire, yes. Is anyone not curious?

No, and I’d say I’m happy when curious.

I’d be very curious about someone who isn’t curious.

Is there really any time in ones life, as long as you’re still willing to be alive, when you aren’t curious? When are you not curious?

When I thought I knew everything. Oh, indeed. That is a horrible state to think you know everything, and it’s actually more common than not. This is why depression is more common that the “common cold” and why mental illness is the number one contributor to even life threatening diseases. We cut off our minds at the knees, and then find fault with those who have a more vibrantly alive mind. I guess because it reminds us of how we might be hurting.

My job became stressful when it got predictable and seemingly nothing to be curious about. Another common source of job stress is when the bosses discourage curiosity. This makes you feel disengaged from any little part of it you might actually be doing.

It’s why living in this now is so important. I agree. In fact, the now is the great mystery. People start believing they know everything when they know “What’s wrong with me/you/the world”, but if they were to focus in the now they would have to confront the fact that they hardly know what’s going on, let alone what’s wrong with anything. And well, what we don’t know can’t hurt us. That’s actually a truth. What does hurt us in that case is supposedly knowing that we can’t know. The idea that curiosity is invalid in any way, or the belief that any given moment or situation lacks something to show us. If anything, it’s we ourselves who are empty in those moments, but only because we choose to be.

To be right is to be bored. To be bored is to lack curiosity, or else to refuse to be motivated by it, but what motivation is there without curiosity? Can you want anything at all without being curious? Can you survive without desiring anything?

You can appear to be without desire, and yet centered and whole. But this is because one can shift their desires, or more specifically their curiosities, to more universally available things. Like the now, the spirit, the meaning in moments and in the breath, but there is no “thing” that is unworthy of curiosity. If it could be unworthy of curiosity it would not be capable of existence, or at least continued existence.

Everything in this world attends to something else and is attended to by other things. There is a grand web of attention energy that is the life blood of reality itself. Not to say it’s well managed, but well managed or no it remains there. Any energy you have, you have by merit of the world attending to you, of it being invested or “curious” about you. You didn’t create your own body, it arose from the worlds doing, conservation of energy, and the order of matter that relates to genetics.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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