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Nature Of Shadow People in Shadow People

Shadow People

Why do so many things appear to us in ways we perceive as frightening? Well, two reasons. One is that some of the more “remote” arms of reality can only present themselves to us in a very bad analog of the forms we are familiar with. They can only show a “finger” rather than their total being. It’s an extension of themselves.

Squished into our four dimensions? Yes. We fear what we can’t see or imagine to be there? Like being afraid of the dark? In a sense. The brain is a remarkable sensitive organ and that’s exactly what the brain is. It’s a sense organ, and it has a sensory dominance. It organizes everything into one of the five sensory modes, but when stimulated, the brain will overlay related though not literally true imagery. It will form a “metaphor” that is its best guess for what it’s sensing.

Science has an experiment that can help us when it comes to understanding “shadow people” and related phenomenon. It was the earliest experiment done related to the wave/particle duality paradox. When everything is harmonious in light, we experience light to be (for lack of a better term) constant. It fills space and seems to illuminate everything. But when there is an interruption, we experience dark patches, broken lines in the behaviour of light. Well, all the energy in reality behaves sort of like light, but science will come to understand that light isn’t really the benchmark energy. They won’t find the unified field theory in light. But to stick with the light metaphor, when a “foreign” energy enters our reality it creates that sort of interruption. It seems to disrupt not only our five senses, but even our psychic/neural function and sensitivity, but it’s still “intelligible.” People are afraid of it not because it makes no sense, but because it makes an awful, incredibly clear sense and contradicts our normal sense of reality.

We are afraid, because our mind knows that the “shadow person” is real. If it didn’t trigger that recognition we would just screen it out, and we aren’t taught how to deal with recognition of the unknown, at least not in modern western culture.

As for the failure of shadow people to respond uniformly to traditional coping strategies like religious ceremony, it’s pretty simple. The ceremonies don’t have any meaning in that extended reality. They help us control us, and sometimes they help us communicate across the “veil.” Not all entities are entirely unsympathetic to human feelings. One type of shadow person even has its own name. The Mothman. This is not confined to one entity and there have been reports of multiple beings.

How would a shadow person appear? Would they be just darkness or would you see a figure? If reports are to be believed, they have given a very honest answer to that question. The answer they gave was, “Depends on who’s looking.” Your brains limitations will have a big impact on how detailed you perceive a shadow person to be.

It’s like looking at ink blots and you pick out the shape? Yes, but they can also influence their own interface. They are sensitive to how your brain is reacting to their presence and can “express themselves” differently to resolve a different image, though that’s usually more trouble than it’s worth for them.

Do they make any noise? They can make noise, yes, but it’s generally psychokinetically generated. The impact of their intelligence on their environment creates some physical sensations, a low moaning sound potentially, subtle whispery tones, etc.

I think what I would find frightening is their ability to pop up anywhere without warning. In the way I would feel afraid if someone kicked in my door while I was in my home. They don’t ask if they can come in. Well, here is the funny thing. You are just as scary, really, because they can pop up anywhere for the same reason you could. They even have a name for this phenomenon, bi-location. There is no such thing as space as we understand it, and you could be seeing a shadow person entirely accidentally. They don’t always focus their attention on our dimension. It would be very much like staring very closely at the ground. Doesn’t serve a lot of purpose. They are manifesting more frequently now for the same reason our planet is getting more active in general. The local energy is a bit more dynamic and perhaps unstable depending on how you look at it. So it’s “illuminating” them more.

Sometimes we just “fall down the rabbit hole” and we‘re late for tea? Humanity has a long standing reputation for being late for tea.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Kathy

    As I write this my grandson is experiencing another episode of seeing a Shadow person. He begins by seeing “him” in his peripheral vision. He first saw them some 10yrs ago and is now seeing Shadow people again & he is terrified AND no one believes him and thinks he is hullucinating which “that scares me” as it implies haywire mental health system. I at 61yrs have been on spiritual journey since 1975 & have heard angels sing on a replay of a meditation group I particpated in weekly – But I digress – my grandson needs guidance out of his terror and coincidentally he has an infinity for Dragons and uses Draco as his last name. ANY help Insight is greatly appreciated! Kathy

    • Travis

      He should be encouraged to interact with the presence perhaps with a trusted guide or spiritual advisor. He should understand that he has not come to harm from that presence because it does not intend to harm him. Perhaps it could be considered like a person walking on the street.

      Centering practice could shift his energy out of sync with the shadow person making him cease to be attractive. Physical activity like tai chi, yoga or a martial art. Drumming could help him ground as the sound shifts energy rapidly. Diet changes can assist centering as well, less sugar, more protein, and more water. Water is ionizing and stabilizes the aura.

      He would see them perhaps in spells because they are not aliens. They have no physical form but they are tourists and they travel in seasons. The season he is experiencing will pass.

  2. Rose

    I will enlighten all of you about what i have experienced, and how it changed my beliefs.

    Now, i grew up in an Atheist family, but, my parents however, did not try to influence me on that subject. I would also like to note that i have tried to rationalize what i have been experiencing, by a scientific nature. And this is what i have found out for myself, and not saying that i believe in God per say, but every kingdom needs a king. And religion, well that is just a word given to describe the ignorance of those who cannot explain how, and why things happen the way they do.

    For example, the Egyptians prayed to the Sun god Ra, because they did not understand how the Sun shown. They prayed to their gods when they thought that the Gods were angry with them, and punished them by halting rain. When, simply put, the real reason was because of a drout, and Karma is just another explanation of the Univer keeping balance.

    However, i am getting a bit off subject. What i saw, was something that chilled me to the core of every part of my being. One night, My mother, Aunt, and i, decided to go on a road trip to Bemidji, from our cabin back in Lake Park MN. We were driving through the reservation, and My mother was driving at the time, while my aunt was sitting in the passenger seat listening to her ipod.

    Me, i was in the back, and had nothing to do but look out the back of the Arcadia and watch as the road and trees diapered behind us, in the darkness of the night. Suddenly, i started seeing a pair of red glowing eyes. They seemed to be fallowing us, because they would disappear on one side of the ditch, and reappear on the other side. After several miles, o told myself that they were just deer.

    Then, not three minutes after, i saw over ten pairs of eyes, on each side. But one pair, to the left of me, shone brighter than the others, slowly floated out of the ditch, and wet right behind our car. It left the others behind, and fallowed us for several miles. This is when i KNEW that something was up, because i looked away to check the speedometer, and we were going 45mph. A deer can only run up to 35mp(I watch a lot of Animal Planet.) This i know, and is why i also knew, that whatever was fallowing our vehicle, was not supposed to be here at all. Not to mention that when i turned back to look, it was still fallowing us.

    And, this ending i will make short, it disappeared, but ever since then, i have felt something watching me. Even though, when i turn the lights on, i know it is there, waiting for the opportune point, to dissolve everything that is me. However, i know this will never happen, simply because, i am not scared, but confused in the fact that it will not show it self.But, just because you can’t see a germ, does not mean it does not exist.

    Since then, i have been trying to rationalize what i saw, and my conclusion came to this. The so called “Heaven” and “Hell” are separate dimensions in space and time. Yet, there are also two betweens, our dimension, and (I am going to call it) the “waiting dimension”. Both the “Heaven” and “Hell” dimensions are either too full, or “they” (as in the most evolved beings within that dimension, just like us humans) are not allowing any more in. So, this in between dimension, (that in our physical bodies, cannot enter) there is not enough energy for them to satisfy their hunger. And, just like us, they have the basic instinct to survive, but unlike us, can pass freely between our two dimensions. And because this “Between Dimension” was only intended as an ‘airport’, and everyone is angry because their flight’s have been canceled, and there is no energy there for them to feed on.

    So, these “Inter-dimensional Beings” and “Shadow people” are all made up of energy, and whatever you do, DO NOT get scared. “They” cannot harm you if there is no Negative energy for them to feed upon, and they will simply move on to another source.

    Now, Obviously this is all speculation, and i do not care if you believe my story or not. This happened to me, and i want people who have experienced this type of phenomena, do actually believe in this story, to realize what the true intend of the beings appose to us.

  3. Chelle


    I dream in color (always have) and have seen shadow people since at least age 11 and maybe before that. I have some psychic abilities…but I am woefully untrained.

    I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t see shadows dashing around here and there or standing still. I barely notice them now, except when they touch me or say my name. That is all the “talk” I’ve ever had with them. It is only in the years since an anesthesia accident left me with diffuse brain injury that my interactions with one, actually make that him, have become more intense. I am quite certain it’s male and I’m also quite certain that despite humans psychically “stinking up the place” he is quite curious about me. He does not feel oppressive. I often laugh in my sleep or as I wake actually.

    I’ve become fairly reclusive since my brain injury (my brain literally looks like baby swiss cheese so I have memory and word finding problems and some days I just can’t function through the brain fog) …and he’s kind of a comfort. He seems to like my head and the back of my neck which is where my worst pain is. I used to think he was attracted to the pain because it was negative, but I wonder if maybe the electrical feelings I get from him, very gentle, are an attempt to comfort? I often feel better after his visits.

    The ONE thing that does freak me out is that I had a particularly strong experience with him the same night my brother committed suicide (I did not yet know of my brother’s death at the time of the shadow experience, but it was at or near the exact time the suicide occurred).

    I have learned to trust my intuition, and with this one exception my intuition tells me this is not a negative entity. I meditate often, and have been told one of the reasons I got sick with auto-immune disease (this is in addition to the anesthesia accident) is because I was unknowingly practicing Reiki Healing as an RN without properly protecting/grounding myself. I worked for over ten years in Newborn Intensive Care taking care of extremely low birth weight and premature babies and I knew I was using healing touch; I knew the babies I took care of always fared better when I was their nurse and that they often crashed when I was not there (I am not prideful–this is just descriptive) but apparently this came at some considerable cost to myself. That is what my Teacher told me, but we had just begun my Learning when he, who had done basically the same thing for years himself, passed on suddenly of heart failure.

    I have not found another given I’m not from a large city or near one. I’m sorry for digressing, but am trying to get across that I do have some degree of education and experience with these shadows and in my own personal Journey and experience and I do not believe the people on TV who see demons behind every bush. That’s just for TV because people love to be frightened. Sadly it is frightening a lot of people unnecessarily and making them turn their backs on their spirituality.

    If I may say just one thing here medically, especially to parents… If people are in their late teens or early twenties and suddenly start seeing things or hear people telling them to do dangerous things, PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME IT IS PURELY A PSYCHIC THING! It could be, but it very well could be a something requiring psychiatric evaluation…and that evaluation needs to be done to save lives. Then it’s up to you to get educated and decide how much you trust of what the doctor is telling you.

    And please NEVER trust a small town doctor, especially if something in your gut is telling you “mmmm I don’t think so….”. Most docs in small towns are in small towns cuz they can’t cut it in big towns or worse, because they lost their license to practice in another state. Be a smart medical consumer. No one WANTS to be doc in Butt Wart, Texas, you know? Take it from a small town RN who had to go to Chicago to finally get a diagnosis of auto-immune disease and BRAIN DAMAGE after being MIS-diagnosed by a family doctor as “just being stressed and depressed”…and I know the ropes!

    ALWAYS go to a teaching hospital for anything complex and ALWAYS get more than one opinion before you EVER give psycho-active medication to a child or adolescent (or anyone else)! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! Please! The warnings on anti depressants in this country are not strong enough. The warnings in Canada and Europe for the SAME DRUGS are MUCH STRONGER. Why? Because they don’t have MEDICINE FOR PROFIT over there! They can help, but they can also kill.

    Be smart, be safe, be well, and trust your inner voice…


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