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Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

Light From The Sky in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Have you seen the movie The Mothman Prophecies? They have some solid explanations of things in it even if they dramatised it. The reason the outer dimensional beings don’t stop to interact with humans, despite being able to see them, is the same reason you don’t stop to explain to an ant that it should go seeking sugar in a humans home. But there was a bit of dialogue from the movie that is apt here.

When the main character asked the entity what it looked like, it responded, “Depends on who’s looking.” This doesn’t mean it’s formless. They are aware of our limitations and the topography of our dimension. Even the creature that exists in states more like our own, but with greater evolutionary advancement, have a sense of this dimensional modeling/geography. Our ancestors took stabs at it, and though crude, they are workable starts.

Is it possible to be reincarnated as one of these other dimensional beings, or will we always take the form of human? Oh, you could very well incarnate as they do. It’s part of the rule of symbiosis. Part of how they influence the progress of life here and adopt diversity from here.

The light from the sky? How many times does it show up? When people are abducted they speak of a light from the sky. When holy men enter heaven they speak of a light from the sky. When communications come and overwhelm prophets they speak of a light from the sky. It’s a universal symbolism, literally, across all cultures, and it’s symbolized physically as a tree of life or a lighting strike. Even science now has discovered a surprising amount of anti-matter around some lightning bursts, but not all.

What is the light? The light is a dimensional rift. It’s the multiversal pilot wave of all existence and shows up the same way on all levels of existence, and it is also a singularity. Infinitely small and localized, but also infinitely large. In the case of the rare exceptionally advanced being, the singularity opens an aperture in their own being, and they immediately appear to implode without any loss of matter. Their bodies are not damaged, but they are scattered across the multiverse. They continue to live in that dimension from then on, unless they choose incarnation again.

This is how they travel between dimensions? No. That’s how they travel out of dimensions. It’s the zero point of dimensions.

Is that like obtaining nirvana? Indeed, it is. Literally no wave interference. Nothing to make their quantum state collapse. They have merged with the observation point. From that point, they are one with everything and help guide symbiosis across the multiverse. They would call this creation.

When you obtain nirvana, you become like God? Yes, in a sense, but not as humans model God, and it’s not creation from nothing. It’s an emergence process drawn from a cross pollination of all universes. It can be a bit tedious. It is easy to get bored and return again, especially if a new universe is particularly interesting.

Sounds exhausting. No wonder you have to rest on the seventh day. It’s phases actually, states of being, and the creators move through all these states of being. But in a sense, it’s like days.

The creator is the light and then he is the oceans and land? Yes, and all the consciousnesses that have entered that state of being. Creation plays no favourites. It is no respecter of individuals as such.

So in parting about Strange Creatures, the creative forces don’t restrict or forbid things that human beings consider quite dark, because their way through the multiverse has no better or worse impact in an absolute sense.

So we touched on Sasquatches, Saurians, Mothmen, other dimensional beings, God/BuddhaGod Buddha is a very strange being. What it comes down to is the little hiccups created by inter-dimensional clashes and predation are just seen as a natural aspect of the multiversal ecosystem, and since no being potential is lost, they just reset it when they need to. If a demon eats you, this doesn’t damn your soul for eternity. There are very old though small branches of Christianity that don’t believe in eternal damnation, and the old texts don’t support it either.

Like lions eating gazelles except the lions abduct the gazelles and probe them anally. That never made sense to me. Seems like a waste. The multiverse allows no waste. Maybe that’s the reason for probes? Allowing no waste. 😛

Hope you feel more oriented regarding the mysteries of life as a force, if only just a bit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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