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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

The Unseen in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Are you familiar with Native American trance practices? Or perhaps Middle Eastern? African?

I’ve seen some use a power drug that is smoked. What this does is exhaust the brains normal vigilance forcing it into the peripheral state. Basically making you only able to clearly see what people call the “unseen” world.

Anything like when native men spend days in a steam hut? Yes, but I don’t need the sweat lodge. So for me, that constant neural flash has been registering what to others would be sensory shadows. But for me, they are illuminated and graphic. More so than normal sensory impressions. I don’t see you as much as I see the echo of you, and I don’t need to look directly at you. It’s often uncomfortable, but not always. But yes, I can also see portions of peoples echo in the virtual world of Second Life.

How does one exercise their echo? You have a thought body. When you do what you call thinking, you are actually taking action in the thought body, and when you self reflect you shape the thought body. This is why those who die violently often appear in a scary form to the living. The horror of their death still registers on their thought body. So the thought, “Oh my God, they cut my tongue out!” registers on their thought body the same as, “Oh my God, my eye.” Or what did they do to my throat, “Oh my God, I’m bleeding!” It’s not as dramatic with the living, but it’s still a strange characterization of what their body looks like.

Hmm… so if we are in a bad mood, you can see it? Yes, and I see that when you think you feel normal. For me, countless people are walking around with a tragedy mask or a “demonic” sneer. This is part of why I get so nervous in classes. When I open up to this level of my consciousness, I open up to everything, and if I really opened up I often need to trance out after.

You can see our thought bodies through our avatars on-line? Only scraps of them. People generally don’t like what their thought bodies look like.

And it’s kind of like attending a Pink Floyd concert on acid, I would imagine. I have been asked if I had ever taken acid. They refused to accept that I have not.

One friend here looks like a combination of a Raggedy Ann doll and one of those old clown paintings. She’s a bit of a romantic and feels sort of worn by the world, but loves it anyway.

Someone used to tell me I had Raggedy Anne eyelashes. Those ideas register on your thought body.

I haven’t been feeling well lately, so that’s been affecting my mood. You are a bleeder. Bleeders have rents in their thought body, and you also doubt your perceptiveness. Your eyes look hollowed out.

I see peoples forms change. In fact, mystics often do it on purpose. It’s how they focus their intuition. Some people are unstable, sort of like a shifting funhouse mirror, but there is usually a small set of consistent traits. I call these their signature.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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