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Normal comprehension is normative thought. It’s a virtual reality at best.

Reality Signal in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

I wonder why we imagine creatures in places like closets and under the bed? Why can’t they appear before our eyes? Same reason we don’t appear to them. Our energy doesn’t synch up with theirs well. When our own intelligences fall out of phase with this “reality signal”, then they don’t perceive it either.

Does it go along with sight being too noisy? Does the presence of light affect how transdimensional rifts occur or is it in our senses? It’s deeper than brains. It’s in our very matter. We are out of resonance with their level of existence, but like everything else this is not constant and people report seeing our planetary neighbours from time to time.

Maybe the optical signal is so strong that we need a weaker signal to see into other dimensions. Too much light blinds us from other realities. Exactly. This is why entities from those levels often cause panic attacks in humans. The interface between their level and ours creates a white noise or white light. It’s not actually white light. It exceeds our photo-electric spectrum all together. This is why even our patrons have such a fearful aspect about them.

That is why you say I should use a dim room for trying to locate my familiar? Yes.

This reminds me of having to use peripheral vision to see in the dark. And is right now most peoples most reliable way of seeing other realities, peripheral sensitivity. The mirror nerve network actually works quite well. This is what leads people to believe they are possessed.

I think this is why we should train our inner eye more to communicate with those outside our reality? Trust the inner vision/imaginary images that pop in? Well, the brain has no trouble doing its job. It’s set up to synthesize all input it gets and doesn’t discriminate in the least.

Mirror nerve network? Oh, yes. Our mirror nerve network imitates or shadows any action we perceive other people doing. It’s what lets us read body language and interpret goal directed behaviour. It lets us recognize when another organism is threatening us and things like that.

Like flirting. Yes. It picks up on flirting. It doesn’t know your eyesight from your sensitivity to the “unseen” though. It can’t tell the difference, so it will mirror the behaviour of psychically more powerful presences even if they are not registering to the “normal” senses. You will feel creeped out or threatened by things you don’t see, or the urge to do something that makes no sense to you. You might believe something is telling you to do it.

That feeling we describe as someone walking on our grave? Yes. That’s just the presence sense being triggered. Want an explanation for that that relates to the topic of Strange Creatures? My theta wave rhythm in my meat computer tends to spike more rapidly than normal, creating a sort of stroking effect like countless little panic attacks. It’s the theta stage of sleep that you go into when you have nightmares, but this also triggers what they have called “flashbulb” memory.

Even nightmares have a purpose? They do. They set you to rapid response to disturbance patterns so you can react quickly to dangerous situations. For me, everything is a disturbance. Everything registers as danger so most of it registers on my brain like that last scary thing that happened to you. For me, going out to coffee with my wife registers like someone’s memory of almost being hit by a car. This has the side effect of putting my frontal lobe or “thinker” into overdrive, making me hyper attentive to everything in my environment and in myself as well. My beta wave levels are pretty much constantly over the red line. Your brain goes into beta only when you are desperately trying to concentrate on something to figure it out.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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