Scientology was based on many of the old teachings and its creator admits to this in his own writing. He just sought to refine it. Make it more intelligible and accessible.

How we Network in Networking


We network naturally. It isn’t something just corporate executives and politicians do. We often don’t even realize we are.

We form pictures of people in our head. This is natural and not necessarily wrong, though it can be a stumbling block more than a stepping stone. You can choose to see the construct of the person as something you can actively use and permit to evolve. That is really the first issue. People form an idea, which isn’t wrong, but they refuse to let it change. The idea of other people in our heads is artificial. We make it. So we mostly make these ideas and let them sit. Often with the idea that we see that person for what they are. We don’t and can’t. People are living, growing. Spirit more than image. They learn. They can change even in a single instance. But seeing the weakness in our perception doesn’t let us get over it. Not by itself.

So rather than saying mind is weak, why not capitalize on what it does? Take possession and maybe through active engagement nurture it. Who knows? There might be something more to it. That is the idea I am putting forward today. You should see it as what it is. It is your creation and other people have the same in their minds. But how many take responsibility for their mind?

I also would say this. Why supposedly are dreams not real? And how is our conscious thought real? Nothing really supports that. Not in science, not even in experience. Perhaps when we dream we are waking? There is no clear boundary. The boundary is made up. But I suggest that there is reconciliation of this seeming split. Yes, the brain does behave differently and is in many ways more active. Is more brain activity being awake?

My suggestion is this. There is no reality. Not in the sense that people try to define it. But there are virtual realities and they are realities based on something real. But the connection, the wholeness, that is not what people see or think they see. Our reality shifts, and when it does that reality is no less real. I think they gauge as to whether we are in a “good” reality. This is how able we are to express ourselves, to be whole. These virtual realities do link. There is a consensus and it seems to have a mind of its own. I think that is why people default on their inner constructs. They differ to the consensus reality in deciding what something or someone is.

Socially you may have an inner picture of me. That is a construct, a creation. Many people default. They are connected to the consensus so they don’t choose. They go with the consensus choice. Some people seem to live their whole life like that. Their reality very immersed in the consensus. It can’t last for very long. This is why mental health issues are the primary health issues in the whole world today. The consensus is crazy and not a lot of individuals are taking responsibility for their part.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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