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Geography Of Reality in Shadow People

Shadow People

The subject is shadow people, but first, I think it’s necessary to describe the “geography” of reality. I don’t mean lands and landscape as we know it, but rather the truer shape of any of this. There will be a little science involved, and feel free to ask questions.

Every “solid” object is just a form our brain organizes out of energies we can’t perceive completely. In fact, the idea of “solid” is a half truth. Energy can seem to have the qualities of a solid when it hits a certain ordered state that would seem to our senses to persist and to resist change to a greater or lesser degree. When you touch a solid object, you aren’t even touching the real substance of the object, but rather a field of force made up by the coherent or “synchronized” qualities of the energy there. Every solid object is more like a really intense sound than it is a reflection of any absolute form that energy takes.

Wood is solid, because it’s energy working together? Exactly, perfect.

And on the wavelength of our perceptions? Yes. It has energy linked to it that falls outside of our sensory awareness, but is no less ordered than the smaller part that we are calling the solid object. It’s sort of like a ripple in a pool of water. We can see the center of the ripple and tell ourselves we see all of it. But the ripples go very far, potentially infinitely far from the source. Now using this metaphor, I will explain the geography that is often referred to in mythology.

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Is everyone familiar with mythological geography? Mount Olympus and structures like that? Or Lake Avernus in Italy say?

That which is mentioned in the stories? Yes. The reason we haven’t seen the literal reflection of these features in material reality is that they are intuitive perceptions. Often experienced by our ancestors in a variety of altered states, but that still held a consistent quality and gave an explanation of events that had continuity which the human mind has always needed. Now, I won’t vouch for the clarity or deeper truth of the exact perceptions. Very likely there were and continue to be distortions, but let me get to my point.

The regions of space our planet occupies would seem to have clearly definable boundaries. Yet, even our science says that the energy that makes up, say, Mount Everest, is not all contained in the region of Mount Everest, and in fact, the mass of our planet creates a disturbance in space time that extends a considerable distance from our planet itself. They call it the gravity well. With faster than light particles, the energy of earth would even extend beyond the gravity well. Yet still, that energy/matter I spoke of would remain “entangled” or connected to Mount Everest.

I believe the moon on Saturn creates a similar well, and they create lines in the rings. You believe correctly, and it would create an echo of their own structures on our planet. Sun spots create disturbances in our atmosphere, though they are storms on the sun itself which is very far from us. The terrain of “earth” occupies much more space/time than the earth we are aware of right now.

Is that just because the energy travels until it hits our planet? Yes, and our energy does the same to other planets and celestial bodies, but doesn’t break away from its form, be that a tree, or the great lakes, or Mount Shasta in Washington state. Our world has the spatial qualities we know it to have, and what we might consider extra-spacial or “hyper-spacial” geography as well.

All forms being projected in a hologram fashion to every other place and time? Yes. There is no literal past or future. Just where we perceive ourselves to be in the temporal cycle. Where your “state of being” tells you that you are in the whole time space map.

What does all this have to do with shadow people? I will connect this now. Humanity has never been alone on the planet. Not alone in that we share it with other living things that occupy the same state of being as we do, but also not alone in the sense that as much as we might like to think otherwise our planet is not confined to the four dimensional geography we have come to be comfortable with. Our beliefs help us to deal with the “unseen” parts of our still very “local” world. There need not be an alien invasion to give us experiences of encountering things we consider “other.” Our beliefs often alter our state of receptivity though, so a prayer can help us focus our awareness in such a way as to exclude some intrusive perceptions. Doesn’t mean they go away, and in very many cases of “other worldly” encounters the beings show absolutely no deference to human beliefs or concepts of authority.

Why can we bridge this reality we know with the unseen? Well, there is a universal principle, for lack of a better term, I will call it “intelligence.” There is no difference between normal intelligence and “other worldly” intelligence. All reality exists in the same field of intelligible communication of structured energy. We call this structured energy “information.” All realms of reality have information, have “forms”, though they don’t have the same substance our reality does.

So all are kin? All domains of reality are connected. All forms of life are, in a sense, kin.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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