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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Strange Creatures in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Shall we discuss the actual creatures people report seeing? Any particular strange creatures of interest? Otherwise, I can do a short inventory.

There are creatures of the Loch Ness variety around the globe and I think Sasquatch is interesting. Well, the earth itself is more than three dimensional. What we think of as time is just one of those universal line fractures in reality I spoke of earlier. So the evolutionary history of the earth itself endures.

Time is a fracture like a fault line? Does it cause time-quakes? Very much like a fault line, including tremors, and we will be having more time quakes for a while. They trigger space quakes as well, but just as we have micro-quakes we have micro time quakes. So things from down the planets temporal well appear to emerge into what we consider real space, and this spreads out into the temporal web as well. To all temporal analogues of those creatures.

We scare them more then they scare us I expect? This is true.

Sasquatch may be a predecessor that got burped into our reality by a time quake for a short period? Is, and actually is a temporal analogue as well. Sasquatch is not a single creature. It’s a chain of time space echoes, some more advanced than others. Thus the wide variety of creatures that get described in the world “Bigfoot” myths.

They aren’t really living in the woods. They show up as time folds upon itself from an earlier time? The Sasquatches have always been here? Yes, and some actually have the capacity to navigate the rips, or rifts if you will.

Even if you hunt for months you won’t find one? No. They know humans are feral, or in the case of the primitive ones, they won’t wander far enough out of their territory to actualize in our time phase.

The same with monsters like Nessy? Yes. They are really dinosaurs? Actually, yes and no. Parallel earth didn’t experience the rapid climate change or other circumstances that wiped them out. So in some, the supposed dinosaurs are just the current organism.

They’re not surfing our time line but parallel ones? Well, that’s where Saurians come in. Raptors even in our world were becoming hominid, and in the others they succeeded and have had as much time to evolve as they would have if they survived our temporal sector. Which means Saurians are very advanced now, and the reports of visitation are not them crossing the galactic void from another planet. They are from here.

It’s that every option exists in infinite realities? Well, there is not a single “matter wave” standing in our world. There are actually many different independent waves of energy that take their own forms and behave like their own form of matter.

The Saurians are alien invaders from parallel universe, not from outer space? They see us as a parasitic infestation, the Saurains do, at least the more pessimistic ones. So in one point of view, we are the invasive species.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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