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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Multi-verse Evolution in Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Evolution. Evolution is actually a multiversal principle and process, but it is not the product of entropy that people see it as being here. On the multiversal scale, the inter-cosmic constant is balanced. Survival of the fittest is an illusion. Natural selection offers the appearance of stability in this reality, but it is not the origin of species even here.

So the variables that make up our universe are balanced in an equation with the variables that make up other universes? Yes, exactly. This is why extra-dimensional beings are concerned with our universe primarily. But what does actually govern evolution is symbiosis, to change.

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Are they trying to tell us to change or to keep at it? We are introducing a toxicity into the balance. We have become somewhat cancerous, but elimination is a human answer.

Their worlds could be war torn as well. Oh, war is multiversal, yes. In fact, some other dimensional beings seem quite threatening when we encounter them, even predatory. But even in those cases the rule of their reality is symbiosis.

But their desire to conquer us is the same drive as they might want to save us? Exactly, and they have a set of agreements between the more advanced realities.

It’s all self preservation. Indeed. That is so. But even the supposedly more primitive realities have a sympathetic response when in contact with our own.

Primitive realities? Elemental? Yes.

They didn’t like the unbalanced noise that we make when we scream I guess? Yes. They have their own consciousnesses and ways of perceiving everything here.

We are a noisy place, earth in general. It’s like having neighbours that play loud music all the time. Well, our universe is a bit backward as far as the multiverse goes. Eventually the other dimensions call the cops or have a neighbourhood meeting.

We are backward? Yes. The species that evolved here are a bit backward as far as the multiversal rhythm goes.

How do we get going forward? Maybe that is what 2012 will bring? We are due for a reset. A jump start of the process of symbiogenesis /morphogenesis. Human science is just beginning to discover how very spotty their “accidental universe” model is, and events are unfolding now, even without actual visitation, that will redirect the process of evolution in our world.

The middle east is having an awakening. Yes. As is China and Japan. The last in a more radical sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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