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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Light, Dark, Consciousness in Darkness


Have you ever noticed that both angels and demons are elemental, but ordered differently? Example: Raphael and his flaming sword, a fire angel, and fire demons are obvious. Michael and his chalice, a water angel and water demons are heard of also, but more commonly in Asian cultures.

I see what you mean, like a druid? They have one very strong element, so basically yes, fits. It’s appropriate.

Now consider this. Our very real world has three parts. Three very basic levels, spirit, mind and body. Everything you experience is one or more of these things. Light and dark are spirit forces.

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Now consider this. The four elements, earth, air, fire and water, are ordered differently based on the force of either light or darkness. Earth in darkness is not apparently the same as earth in light. What about mind as an element?

Would that be like empathic abilities? Sensing would be sensing the mind element like seeing is sensing the light element, and noticing absence is sensing the dark element.

Would consciousness be a third force between light and darkness? Basically the equation is this;

  • Earth, air, fire, water, mind / light = good world, the ideal world, the world oriented in such a way that it would be heaven.
  • Earth, air, fire, water, mind / darkness = scary world, chaotic, the world ordered in such a way as to limit stability and security, people might call that hell.

Maybe it is down to what you perceive as heaven and or hell? True, but consider a third equation.

  • Earth, air, fire, water, mind / consciousness = creative world, a world of potential and shifting form, essences more than stable, ordered, but form more than decay.

The desired Buddhist state of mindfulness is neither dark or light, but conscious. Yes, and the world as it behaves in mindfulness would be that world. None of them are bad or insulting in my book. I think some people belong in the first and some in the second. Their temperament and instincts suit them best for dealing with light or darkness.

Mother Theresa was certainly in the light. She was, and not unenlightened.

Mindful, meaning not trying to preach your ways to others? Mindful meaning the realization of the role of mind in the perception of balance, and perhaps including orienting on it first.

Giving place to? Everyone needs to give place to it, but some people work with that element best. There is dark mind, and light mind, and consciousness oriented mind. None are better than the other.

I can make friends on both dark and light sides so I think I’m in the middle. I think all three can befriend each other. The middle is shared by all three. I have met people who were zealots about mind, and hostile to light and dark.

Dark doesn’t mean evil. I think that is where people get confused. Nope, it doesn’t, and I agree that is the point of confusion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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