Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Fey Spirits in Fae


Fey dwell in the wild. They live in a sense as the spirits of the wild, but they aren’t exactly what humans see them as. They parallel physical nature, but they are not confined to it.

You may have actually noticed this. Ever been in a far removed meadow? One little trafficked by humans? Fey sing, and people mistakenly view them as small, but space doesn’t apply naturally. They live in a world that is sort of like seeing the reflection of a distant landscape in water. Have you ever gazed into a remote pond and felt like you were being yacked at though no one was? That’s them. Both the energies from the water, and the state of mind you slipped into allowed it.

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Now about their personalities, what they all have in common is “life.” “Living” as a path. Life without exception is sort of their rule. The surface dwelling ones are more relaxed, reflective. The deep dwellers are more charged. They are more powerfully driven by the earths energies than the rhythms of the surface life. Have you been in a cave? Did you get a sense of a disturbance in the silence, but only on a psychic level? Rather than singing more like chanting, and maybe even a cackling? Have you been in a swamp? Did you sense a similar presence?  Actually two, and sort of like they were arguing in a way?

There is also changeling lore. Humans warp it, but they are children born of man. They have a precocious streak, and skills they supposedly shouldn’t, and they got their skills from “fey” parents. They are noted by being thin. Humans couldn’t figure out how they could birth a fey child, but they couldn’t figure out how they could birth a divine child either. Joseph was very likely Jesus’ father.

The fey spirit enters the baby? Yes, and generally has strange cravings. It matures out of milk fast, and adopts adult mannerisms quickly, including language. They rarely take human form, because of the contempt thing and all.

Drow is actually a broad category. Drow are not of death, but unlike their surface kin they have no aversion. If anything they are attracted. Being so charged with the earths deep energy they are drawn to places of death, if only to smooth them over. There are other things, and if you feel a connection to it you can learn more of those skills, but one of the most obvious is Drow attract money. This is why miners would try to please/placate them, basically begging for the gold that the Drow see as belonging to them.

Now on to daemons. Drow are of the deep earth. Daemons are of the border places. The edges between places like tundras, and desert. They don’t feel like fey places. My given name “Travis” means of the crossroads, and toll taker. If you meant to contact Hecate, a Greek “demon queen”, it was thought to be necessary to call her at a crossroads.

Demons are big traders, and power brokers in a sense. The reason being is because they move “between.” They are in a sense in contact with everything, and energy wise they aren’t any one energy, because they are sort of all of them, just not settled. Essentially demons are a catalyst spirit. Be it starting wild fires, or lightning strikes, floods, or just wild living behaviour.

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Travis Saunders
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