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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Symbiosis with the World Self in Orange Magick

Now ready to get really “trippy”? Ever get the impression that your stomach was a machine? Well, it is and it isn’t. Its behaviour is automatic, and information about its state is constantly flooding into your brain, and all of its sensitivities make an impression in your brain as well. They show up as those weird subtle half formed impressions, the “almost sensations” you likely ignore. They make no sense. You don’t see the correspondence between the mental symbol and how you feel, but does it ever stop? Do you ever not feel it?

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There are many information streams, and they are all sensitive to the outside world. In many ways more deeply sensitive than the senses you plug into your cognition. Your adrenal glands respond to shifts in your bloodstream picked up by things you have inhaled. They will begin to secrete, if only just a little bit, just because something “smells” funny, like the scent of someone you have come to hate or fear. The adrenal glands don’t need your permission to do this. They just need you to have inhaled the necessary scent, and well, the information goes on and on.

How does this relate to orange magic? I will explain. Your body mind is constantly monitoring the world around you. Your bodies sense of ease or well-being is a report not just on how you are feeling, it’s a sense of the entire world around you. Your body will feel bad when things in your world are out of order, when your schedule has been thrown off, when social upheaval has severed a tie you had with someone. This isn’t just about you. You are the world, and all your actions are “immune reactions” to what’s going on around you. Whether these actions are adaptive or just stressful is up to you. How you see your world self. If your world self is an enemy, then you will develop an allergy to yourself, be forever over reacting, self-defeating. So this make the necessary connection?

Adjust the way you see the world and it will increase your potential? Expand. Stop editing how you see the world. Merge, establish symbiosis with the world self.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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