The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Growing the World Self in Orange Magick

Orange Magick

Now things get even stranger. Everything that has occurred in any other form also occurs in your body.

Echo location. It can be used. Thermal “vision” can also be awakened, magnetic sensitivity, all those little bits of genetic code we share with other species, these can be awakened. They are incomplete copies of the other creature, just single features. You are a mosaic of all the species that evolved before you, and how those traits manifest is up to you. All potential to adapt is equally shared across all life. You awaken these traits by mimesis, same as any other species would do it, imitation. This is why shamans would move about as if they were birds or wolves or deer. They were awakening the instincts and thus knowledge of these species, and deeping their connection to the world self, growing the body of their world self.

Or like animal forms in kung fu. Indeed, animal forms in kung fu are also orange magick, but it goes even further. Elemental states, the earths physical structure, magnetic qualities, gravity, the airs electrical and thermal mutability, the waters sensitivity to resonance, these can also be adopted. Sounding crazy so far?

Yes, it does. Yes, but sounding absurd?

You can witness interesting tricks with electricity on video. People who can funnel charges that cause other people great pain, even threaten their lives, but at most cause minor burns in the person funneling the charge originally.

There are people who can allow thousands of volts to pass right through them. Other people can harden their bones far beyond normal. There is one man who seems for all functional purposes on this planet to be immune to cold. He can swim in artic water with no negative side effects. This has also been recorded, and well, it goes even farther. Space time curvature. Controlling ones space time mass locus.

Perhaps high sugar in his blood like hibernating frogs. He does have excellent metabolic control, but he has been tested and he has no genetic mutation to account for his resistance.

We can manipulate space-time? Yes, with sufficient growth and experience.

To what effect? It would allow for “immortality”, bi-locationality, quantum inter-phase suspension, hibernating in the structure of matter itself, sort of like organic self-digitization, but as quantum states rather than piecemeal patterns of only electrons.

Has anyone achieved any of those? Well, legend seems to point to cases. The Chinese have a long tradition of “immortals.” They’re not gods, but are said to have merged with the world in a deep and fundamental way and to surface from time to time, and there is also quantum phase inversion.

Merlin? Yes, Merlin would be one legendary example.

But the physical assembly of the world itself has a fractal shadow. It remains coherent, exists both in the state we perceive it to be in, and inside out so to speak. This reversed world might be the source for the legend of Agartha, and why they make mention of only the deeply enlightened reaching it. It might be the dwelling of the other hominids we sometimes spot.

Ah, city at the earth’s core. Well, the earth’s core can be its atomic core, no? And each of those cores reconnecting on the other side to form a complete world? Which puts Agartha outside of space time as we know it. It defies our curved space geometry, is a naturally occurring hyperspace, gives rise to phenomena like the Oregon vortex, other gravitic anomalies. This might also explain why gravity weakens with geological upheaval, only momentarily, and only localized near the event.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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