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Stop Being Thought in Orange Magick

Orange magic helps us if we don’t think too much? Actually, it helps us to really think, and stop being thought.

Putting action first enhances thinking? It does, and recognizing thought as action. Ever notice when you vividly imagine doing something, while you’re imagining it your coordination gets worse?

Yes. Body and brain get disconnected. What would happen if you vividly imagined cooking while you were in the middle of actively cooking?

I imagine it would be like two things happening and them getting mixed up.

It would be difficult to actually stay on task, I would imagine. Conjuring up the creation of another meal while physically working on the one before you.

Your physical action would begin to skip. You would have behaviour hiccups. Scientists call this embodied cognition. The part of your mind that can imagine doing something is also needed for actually doing it. There is no separation.

The ‘flow’ state? Is that orange magick in practice? It is a basic element of practice, yes. Flow is indeed involved in orange magick. As long as you aren’t modeling an action while you work, your work will go fine. As long as you are busy imagining an action, you won’t do it well.

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Would an example of practice be, for example, to get up from my chair and start doing things around the house as I see them, without thinking or planning? That would be a good start for practising orange magick.

What about imagining the task before you do it? I find this helps me both get motivated, and get the kinks out before I do it. Imagining it before you do it works like physically practising the action. It activates the brain in the same way. Add sensation and your mind practice picks up clarity, fidelity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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