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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

All Borrowed in Orange Magick

Orange Magick

All ability you have is borrowed, all form you have is borrowed. The structure of your body, the structure of your sense organs and thus your perceptions, even the structure of your mind, all borrowed. Ever notice that you never use something you borrow as well as the primary owner does?

Yes, I feel I should get my own. Most people don’t really seem to know how to own their own being. They are too busy trying to get what they already have. Thinking that green socks are for no real reason better than blue, or that a spork is unusable because it is neither a spoon or fork.

Our ideas of who we are get in the way? Yes. You have an idea instead of a self, a shopping catalog instead of the actual product, but the product comes to you freely, every day, in every moment, all while you are too busy thinking about something else.

It’s interesting when you meet a person who is really grounded and centered in who they truly are. You can just feel it emanating from them. Indeed, and although you can identify traits of their behaviour or thought or just general personality that you have seen in other people, they somehow use it in a way that makes it all their own. It’s never quite the same as it is with others.

Everyone’s anxiety is rooted in this split? Yes. Do you trust yourself?

I’d have to say not, since I think I’d be more myself if I did. Do you trust reality? Do you trust that it is real?

I act like I do. You act like you think.

I question that trust. What is trust?

Not having to question or worry about something.

Confidence that something will be as you expect it?

Believing in something completely.

May I offer another view of trust? I feel real trust is stepping on the stone. Not expecting before you act, not pretending before you see, not reacting before you feel. People try to out-race themselves, and wind up stepping on their own feet. Reality isn’t an afterthought, but we place all action after thought. Sensation isn’t an after-taste, but we try to remember tasting something we have never eaten. How could you eat without eating? I know this sounds strange, but is it making sense?

It’s about engagement? Yes.

Well, let’s take eating. You don’t eat. You don’t decide to eat. You can’t make up eating or invent an alternative to metabolism, not in any natural way. The world eats in you and around you. It’s all eating. The processes of nuclear decay, bacterial breakdown, thermal dispersion, it’s all “consumption.” You just borrow it for your own purposes.

Sometimes, when I find myself doing something that I didn’t think of beforehand, it makes me nervous. I guess I’m programmed that this is a bad thing, unfortunately. Most people are programmed to see it as a bad thing. It’s what puts them so out of touch with reality, thought.

When we are young, we are impulsive, but when something bad happens, we think that we could have done it a better way. Yes, thinking is distorting like that.

Everything has memory and all memory changes. They speak of the memory of a perfume. Metal has memory in a car or house. The flower has memory, the stone, and all of their memory changes. We form our thoughts out of memory. Thought is a synthesis of sensation and memory, and most scientists seem sorely tempted to say that this is all of what thought is, but we borrow the energy of light for our vision. We borrow the mechanism of photo-sensitivity and turn it to a different purpose than it originally held, and we tell ourselves that we choose to think. Do we really choose to think? As long as your eyes present an image to your awareness, you are thinking.

This working as examples of the idea so far? Need any more? Prefer any particular part of our mind or body? General state of being?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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