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Fire Magick in Orange Magick

Orange Magick

Today, we are talking about orange magick.

Not all magick has a showy outward form like you’re accustomed to seeing either in person or on television. It’s not even all ‘ceremonial.’ Generally, anything that falls under the heading of “self-development” would fall on the theurgy side of magick, but not everything does. Orange magick is practiced to build upon and expand the self for practical purposes.

It’s long been recognized that humanity has roots that run deeper than their flesh and blood presence, that the entire creative process repeats itself in every being even though the outward form doesn’t seem to be a repetition of anything.

Would it be in the self-improvement section of the bookstore? Ah, indeed. It would be magick used for self-improvement as long as it remains skills based. Memory improvement, perception training all that and more, but it runs deeper.

Orange magick has its own way of approaching the universe and any universal process. What we readily think of as being within the realm of human potential is only a very small part of what is there. Phenomenon like hysterical strength for one, spontaneous healing, as well as expanded cognitive functions and perception, expanded kinetic interaction, this would all be in the domain of orange magick.

Now orange magick is a “fire” magick, but it doesn’t directly relate to the process we typically think of as fire. The fire involved in orange magick is the inner fire, inner drive, the energy of action and evolution. The two aren’t separate, but the reason people typically don’t access this inner fire is because it requires a change in self-image. You have to be willing to see any part of your awareness as “combustible.” The catalyst? Your essential unity with the world around you. We typically see “outside” influences as threatening. Anything that goes on around us, especially the unanticipated or unknown, sets us to “self-check”, make sure all our parts are still in place. Like men and their stereotypical fear of change, not all men really are afraid of change, but enough are that the idea gets around to be applied to all men. Is this not so?

I don’t like change. I set up things just the way I like them. It bugs me when an app updates and changes stuff. It comes from the fight or flight instinct, and people subconsciously have difficulty distinguishing between changes in their environment and changes in their bodies. All change is reacted to with unease or disease. What orange magick requires is seeing more deeply into your own senses, among other things.

That could explain why men want to control the world? Yes, men want to control the world around them because we have a stronger “fight” instinct. Everything is more readily something that needs to be stopped or interfered with. Hunting is “stopping” prey, camouflage is interfering with perception and thought.

Men want to control the world and women want to control men. Actually, women want to borrow men. The natural female instinct is symbiosis. They have an easier time practicing orange magick. They get a head start on it as opposed to guys who tend to come to it later. Orange magick is really why we find women so intimidating. They understand an entire facet of the world that we mostly do not.

No need for self-improvement if you are perfect. Actually, they also tend to use orange magick in self sabotaging ways. Because they so readily understand their unity with people around them, they often make an effort to erase the “aggressive” element of their own being. This throws the baby out with the bath water, gives away all power in an effort to borrow a little power. Men try to do the opposite. Take all power and instead burn all the power they have in an effort to take by force what they already have. It’s like a Chinese finger trap. The more you try to get what you think you should have, the more you confound your original intention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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