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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Self Mastery in Self


Real is having evident existence. Are you real?

I believe I am.

How do we know that we are real? If you had no limitations, how would you know you are real?

Evidence such as others having experience of me?
Having the drive to protect your existence?
I think I’m real because I think about myself. Metacognition.
Descartes said because we think. Something is there doing the thinking even if we are deluded about everything else.

We are evident to ourselves only through ourselves, but we also experience ourselves as an object of our experience. How is this possible?

If I were a creation, I could not have independent thought.
Even a fictional character could meet that criteria for realness.
All entities are fictional characters. 🙂
A fictional character only thinks what his creator allows him to think.
Many of my thoughts are not guided by “me”.
Some created fictional characters take on a life of their own, as many a writer could tell you.

Your self existed before you became self aware as you know it. Your self existed in all the collective potentials that would allow you to occur as an event in time space, but your self existed even before that. It existed as a pattern in the implicate order of the universe itself.

Have you mastered your self yet?

That is an eternity’s work. It’s a moments consideration as well.
No. Thinking is a major roadblock.

I don’t think I ever will master myself, but I can be my own coach. Why is it you feel you cannot master yourself?
That thought is likely the biggest roadblock. I seem complicated.

First perhaps is the human notion of sentience. How do you know when you master a game or a work skill?

It is effortless. Is self awareness effortless? It is if I don’t apply effort.

When I have mastered a game, I can easily win it and I become bored with it then stop playing it. If I had mastered myself in such a way, I doubt I would see any reason to continue to incarnate. You will have a reason to incarnate for as long as the universe has a reason to exist.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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