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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

To Master in Self


What does it mean to master something?

To be able to do the task with out much thought.
To do it well consistently.
To have control, knowledge.

Why don’t we have mastery of everything?

Because things change and grow. We change and grow.
We’re easily distracted.
Only so much that we can focus on.
Innate talents and things we have trouble with.

All of these are true. Can you master something that has no rules?

You could master it by creating your own rules.
I suppose easily since you can make the rules up.

Can you make rules without experience?

I’d say no.
You could, but it might end up being meaningless.

In my experience, you cannot have understanding without experience, but people fail to recognize experience for what it is. Can you have experiences outside of self awareness?

I don’t think so.
Your senses can experience the outside, but it’s all filtered through your own awareness.
No. The car doesn’t care where it drives, but you might want the best scenery.

Can you see something and not know that you are seeing it?

Yes. Then what did you see? You do that all that time. Oh, I don’t disagree, but you think you see something.

Your mind chooses the focus. The rest of what is input is not utilized. It is actually used, but not by your conscious mind.

I think all experience one knows in earthly incarnation is filtered through the lens of self. It is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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