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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

What Do You Celebrate? in Celebration


My wife celebrates by building. She is like a kid with legos. Whatever happens, she is going to make something out of it, and she often does. Then she laughs at it, and goes on to make something else. What gets her is when she thinks she can’t have the legos. So I have to take that seriously. What happens when I take that seriously?

It looks funny soon enough. My mind can’t let legos be rules. For her they can become rules, but only when she loses sight of her celebration.

This explains relationship breakdown. “You don’t take me seriously” and they get stuck. Well… Lack of celebration. They won’t celebrate their partners way in their life. We celebrate the seasons, why not our partners seasons? What happens if we do?

It’s like celebrating failure? Or what we think is failure and then it isn’t? Yes, and the celebration often reveals that failure is an illusion. But not if failure has to be hidden, not if it has to be shameful, a dirty little secret. I will say it myself. I am a huge failure. This is why I give such good advice. I play with a lot of different things, think about a lot of different things, stuff I don’t “know” like people insist you should know.

My wife is trying to get better at being late for things. So far, she is generally a failure there. She fails to be late. She also fails to be irresponsible. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her.

What do you celebrate? Tell me what you celebrate and I will describe your life.

Occasions. Generally when someone has good fortune. Or a day of special significance. Ok. Your life likely feels like time passing by, and everything seems a bit like a car that’s running without a driver. This car has pictures in it, and you are aware that you have had some life, but you really feel like someone should be behind the wheel. You don’t really recall a time when life wasn’t like this car ride, though your instincts tell you it should be different. You are optimistic that the car ride will stop some nice places, but plagued by sometimes very irritating “what if” questions.

I used to have dreams about cars and realized someone else was driving me in one of them. I speak dream language. You likely now have dreams about sitting and places, sitting or standing.

Lately, I’ve been rezzing things and teleporting. The reason being is you are an outside the box sort of thinker. You place boxes. You don’t sit in them.

I suspect I know what you actually celebrate, if I may. Questions. All of your personal moments you see as questions. New boyfriend = What will our relationship be like? New job = What will I experience here? You would likely be a natural at journalism.

The secret to celebration is to celebrate the process as a whole. What do you celebrate?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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