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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

A Question Of Space in Self


People believe that human consciousness is a special case. They consider that human sentience is a fluke, or that it has no connections other than those that are self determined. Am I mistaken?

People seem to equate self awareness with subjectivity, questions of I and the world according to me.

Humans have attained much. Was it just because they decided they would?

But humans are not the only sentient ones, right? If sentience is equated to sensitivity, then no. They are not.

I always wonder why us? Oh, there is a reason.

Can you eat without other life being able to survive? Can you decide that you will see without light? Can you decide that you will hear without sound?

No. You need the right conditions to physically hear and see. Yet somehow these are not self?

In what way are cattle not humans?

DNA? We absorb their DNA.
Many ways. No opposable thumbs.
They just look different.
They don’t care for shopping or clothing.
They don’t use tools. They don’t create.
Self awareness. But science is now discovering animals with self awareness. Before, that was a differentiating factor.
Their horns could be tools for protection.
They don’t appear too imaginative.

There is a pattern that is on our heads, but does this pattern in our minds seem dependant on our thoughts about it? Why don’t appearances change daily, since they are only in our brains?

If I want a dog to look like a rose, will it?

Yes, it will.
Perhaps that depends on how badly you want it.
I suppose you could program yourself to believe that. It wouldn’t however change the dog.
If you want it badly enough, your brain might be convinced to perceive it as such.

There are people who get quite passionate about wanting reality to appear a certain way, and get quite troubled because it refuses to respond. The brain cannot ultimately be deceived. This is why all psychosis is coupled with anxiety.

How many of you dream of buildings? Houses?

I do.
At times I do.
I do.
A dream house.
I do at times.

Do you wonder why? They have no natural existence. They exist only because humans make them.

Because the house is already in my mind.
Maybe because I am unhappy with my current home?
They are seldom the focus of the dream, however.

They rarely are, but your inner mind makes houses. Even when you aren’t dreaming of a literal house, our mind builds temples, pictures of order. Have you ever had a dream that had no space?

Yes. Amazing. What was that like? A recurrent dream from childhood, adrift in total darkness, nothingness, completely terrifying. Ah, huge space. Too much space. You can’t drift without space.

Self mastery is awareness of space, nothing else. I don’t mean outer space. The mind automatically has a sense of space. You are born with a fear of falling. It’s inherited genetically. Space is in our flesh and blood.

This was like sensory deprivation. Nothing. No input. It was raw awareness, which is vast space.

I and not is a question of space. I am not the cow, because I am here and the cow is there. I am not you, because my event border is distinctive from your own. I can happen at the same time you do. My event border has many dimensions, some that are mysterious in today’s culture, others less so.

Even a clone is not the same as you? Even a clone is its own being, yes, and it has a separate event potential.

No such thing as identical twins then really, because each will have their own sense of self. Yes. The concept of identical twins is not literally true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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