'Orange Magick' Chapter

Orange Magick

The fire involved in orange magick is the inner fire, inner drive, the energy of action and evolution. The reason people typically don’t access this inner fire is because it requires a change in self-image. You have to be willing to see any part of your awareness as “combustible.” The catalyst? Your essential unity with the world around you. Orange magick has its own way of approaching the universe and any universal process.

With a little more awareness, not only can you control your mental posture, but you can voluntarily reach out to specific parts of the thought in your environment. You can navigate your mind in such a way that you aren’t stuck in your own head.

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“The most glowing successes are but reflections of an inner fire.” Kenneth Hildebrand

Fire Magick

Today, we are talking about orange magick. Not all magick has a showy outward form like you’re accustomed to seeing either in person or on television. It’s not even all ‘ceremonial.’ Generally, anything that falls under the heading of “self-development”… Seek More

All Borrowed

All ability you have is borrowed, all form you have is borrowed. The structure of your body, the structure of your sense organs and thus your perceptions, even the structure of your mind, all borrowed. Ever notice that you never… Seek More

Stop Being Thought

Orange magic helps us if we don’t think too much? Actually, it helps us to really think, and stop being thought. Putting action first enhances thinking? It does, and recognizing thought as action. Ever notice when you vividly imagine doing… Seek More

Owning Your Thoughts

Shall we discuss thought as it’s seen in orange magick? Owning your thoughts? What do you do when a mosquito bites you? Scratch. Swat it…splat. Worry about malaria. What do you do when a mental mosquito bites you? I try… Seek More

Symbiosis with the World Self

Now ready to get really “trippy”? Ever get the impression that your stomach was a machine? Well, it is and it isn’t. Its behaviour is automatic, and information about its state is constantly flooding into your brain, and all of… Seek More

Growing the World Self

Now things get even stranger. Everything that has occurred in any other form also occurs in your body. Echo location. It can be used. Thermal “vision” can also be awakened, magnetic sensitivity, all those little bits of genetic code we… Seek More

Using Orange Magick

An example of how to use orange magick before we conclude. Can you think of any place or condition that people find universally calming? Sunlit field. Flowing water… river. Cool breeze. Beach. Fluffy clouds. Water. You can feel the waters flow… Seek More