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We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Owning Your Thoughts in Orange Magick

Orange Magick

Shall we discuss thought as it’s seen in orange magick? Owning your thoughts? What do you do when a mosquito bites you?


Swat it…splat.

Worry about malaria.

What do you do when a mental mosquito bites you?

I try to avoid it at times. You try to avoid thinking? People don’t maneuver in that way very well. You are in a constant environment of thought, everything you see triggers thought, everything your body feels triggers thought, every little thing said or implied around you. Not only that, but everything that your experiences are related to or suggestive of is also triggered, all the time, all day, like swimming in a sea of thought.

How often do you mind flinch? How often does your mind twitch or jump on its own?

Like that feeling of not liking a thought? Not liking a thought, being bored, being aimless.

My mind flinches a lot when I am stressed out.

Whenever I remember an embarrassing memory.

Does it ever feel good when your mind flinches? No. Your body can be more or less totally relaxed, is your mind ever?

Perhaps getting to my point may add some clarity. Just as your body has a presence in the world around you, your mind has a presence in the thought around you. Your mind embodies only a portion of the thought you experience, and just as you can shift your balance to take pressure off one foot, you can shift your locus of awareness to take pressure off of one emotion, or off of one habit.

With a little more awareness, not only can you control your mental posture, but you can voluntarily reach out to specific parts of the thought in your environment. You can navigate your mind in such a way that you aren’t stuck in your own head, and can be in the thoughts space that exists anywhere else around you. This makes understanding people easier, anticipating outcomes, communicating with animals, all easier when you actually begin walking in the thoughts space rather than standing and twitching uncomfortably.

Yes, you can sometimes discover new and interesting thought accidentally, sometimes when our minds “fall on their faces” we have life changing epiphanies. Self-awareness goes beyond even this though. That mind body I was talking about? Part of the thought space it exists in is generated by your own body. Your heart sends messages to your brain that register as not-thought awareness. We train ourselves to ignore this of course. If it doesn’t look like a thought or a feeling, we just think it’s part of what we are seeing around us. Your heart beating harder gets translated by your brain as somebody giving you a funny look when they are often not really looking at you at all. Your stomach being a bit uneasy translates in your brain as someone’s voice being annoying, because we ignore the body-mind just as we ignore the mind-body.

Yes, sometimes I am twitchy and everything annoys me. When otherwise it wouldn’t have bothered you at all. It’s not an accident. It’s not something that just happens. It’s information we can practice using to our benefit rather than being tripped up by it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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