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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

The Other in Entitlement


We have the natural world which we are naturally a part of and all worthy to be in and interact with, though we deal with it differently as is also natural and right. But is that the world we live the events we call our “life”?

Are you a good enough you, friends?

I never feel like I am. Why is that? Do you have feelings from inside you that tell you, you are not enough of “you”?

Perhaps. I see others around me, make more money, seem more pious, caring about others. Others. The other. Now with this other, things get complicated. Could you feel “not good enough” if there were no other?

Maybe that’s why some people prefer to be alone. There’d be no standard for comparison. They don’t have to be concerned about not being good enough.

No, I could not. It seems I am comparing myself. If there is no one else to compare to, the problem fades.

Both true, but the issue that leads to that doesn’t need to happen. We have in our natures part of us that wants to be with our kind. This goes the same for everyone, though the intensity and frequency of the contact can differ. At the very least, this part wants to be reminded there are others out there, and this is unavoidable.

When it was said, “No person is an island”, this was true. No one is. Even if your life is defined by hermitage, it’s defined that way because you know other human beings exist.

So how do we reconcile this need to be with the other with the perception that we are not worthy in the presence of the other? When in trauma, we all go to a sort of minimalist style of thinking. When survival is threatened any protector is a protector. When intense distress sets in, any company is company. This is why they say “Misery loves company”, but that saying arises from a twisted reactionary view of our instincts.

We have a genuine love. We have a genuine worthiness, and each of us can feel it quite powerfully in those distressed moments when the other threatens our lives. Short of mental illness, that is. But is having your life threatened the source of mental illness?

I don’t think so. Is there any reality to being unworthy?

A deficiency of self preservation instinct might be? Deficiency of self preservation instinct. Well, I can think of species that show that, bees, ants, lemmings. And they all show that when they are in the thrall of the herd instinct. When they are moving with deference to the other. Is there any example of deficiency of self preservation instinct that is not herd mindset linked? They call that deficiency of self preservation drive “altruism.”

People who commit suicide? People commit suicide from a self preservation drive. They are preserving their place in the herd by removing themselves from the herd.

So they destroy themselves? Yes. As rogue animals will often starve themselves rather than hunt so they don’t compete with the herd for resources. The other becomes self. Happens in humans too. “My girlfriend doesn’t love me, so I have to kill myself.” “I failed my country, so I have to kill myself.” “I am not able to be a rock star or athlete, so I have to kill myself.” But these are twisted conclusions. They arise from the human capacity to think in a freeform way.

There is the case of survival recovery being known to be impossible. In this case, even the herd will consider killing this individual, and there is the case of the mad rogue who threatens the herd in an effort to “preserve self.” This one will be euthanized also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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