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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Being Worthy in Entitlement


How are you feeling?

I feel curious. Excellent.

That will take a bit of concentration to come up with an adequate metaphor. I’m eating at the moment, so “hungry” might fit at least for my physical aspect. Feeling is as diverse as the world itself, yes. But we will be discussing one in particular.

I will ask you friends, Do you feel worthy?

Not sure.
I am no more or less worthy than any other.
True, but knowing it is not the same as feeling it. Agreed.

Today, I do feel worthy, but sometimes I don’t. What is it to feel worthy?

Relaxed. Oh, some people are very relaxed in feeling disempowered.
Self worth. It is to feel accepted. It is said that to be worthy of something is to be accepted by it.

I define worthy as being able. In my experience, the world itself accepts. It accepts your presence as conditions. It accepts your presence as choice and consequence. But there is no law in nature that bars you from doing anything you are innately able to do, is there?

Money. Money is not a natural law, but we will get into that.
I think perhaps it comes from feeling a sense of accomplishment … to have earned worthiness. Can you earn anything from nature?

Health, maybe. Nature starts you that way, and you can keep it by choice.
Survival. Nature starts you out alive.
If you hunt well, you earn the right to eat. If you hunt poorly, you earn the right to starve.

Does nature care for merit? Does it care if you are a sinner or a saint? Not at all.

This is perhaps why they say it’s better to be lucky then good? But there is something better than being lucky, and it’s behind everything we have touched on so far. It’s being worthy, and recognizing your worthiness. Can you choose to be worthy? I will offer that you cannot, but you can choose to feel worthy, and you can create judgements about worthiness.

It’s subjective, so everyone chooses. Yes, exactly, but it’s also objective. Can anyone here abstain from all doing? All doing, don’t breath, don’t sleep, don’t wake, don’t look at anything, don’t see. Impossible.

By putting forth sufficient effort to be worthy. What makes effort sufficient? Are your eyes trying hard enough? Is your heart serious enough about its own beating? Are you aware of the struggles of your skin? How can skin strive to be better skin? The brain is an organ. It’s a very important organ. It has a line on every other process in your body. Is it not serious enough about being a brain? Where is it possible to be less than what you are? Where are we unworthy really? What defines us as being unable?

How about people who are self destructive and harm themselves? Why is it they harm themselves? They don’t feel worthy. Yes. Did this idea arise unbidden?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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