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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Life Deserves Love in Entitlement


So much sickness in the world. It seems like every year there is a new virus to worry about. I don’t think even the Aids virus is as wide spread as the influenza. We are entitled to heal even from viruses. They can do their job without killing us, as is also evidenced lately with the sharp increase in what normal’s are calling “genetic defect”. The rate of epigenetic transcription, by both viral transcription and altered proteins action as prions, will rise.

How can they do that when so many are deadly? So many are deadly, because so many human immune systems are weakened by mental illness or environmental toxicity.

Could the prevalence of cancer be a physical manifestation of the warped entitlement notion of humanity? Cancer is perhaps the most evident marker of humanities twisted sense of entitlement, yes. In fact, each cancer colony itself is inherently different from any other. They are living cells, even. The reason they kill us is that they aren’t performing the function of the organ, but still using the resources of the body. The only reason we have types of cancers is because the cancer colony takes its starting genetic material from the organ it arises in. Chemotherapy works because the mutant cell colony is disordered and a bit more vulnerable to being poisoned than normal tissues. Sometimes only a bit more, thus some people die from complications brought on by chemo. It is a really strange therapy honestly, but hey… something is better than nothing.

Can hating everything cause cancer? It does, because hate creates biological inflammation which is irritation. Which makes the immune system react to those inflamed tissues which renders it too weak to fight off a cancer colony.

Emotion buried in tissue. Yes, and it all is. There is no separation between your emotions, and thoughts, and your flesh.

So learning to love others might help such a person? Yes, but usually the person needs most to love themselves. This is why so many fail to have a healing from love. They have a self effacing love that is only half love. They don’t believe they deserve love.

They deserve love. All life deserves love in exactly the same way it deserves food, water, and oxygen, and it is just as vital a need.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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