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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

You Are Worthy in Entitlement


Herd mentality is dangerous. It is highly dangerous. The most dangerous in humans, because we can take the emotional mind and twist it with imaginings.

A horse is comforted by the presence of the horse standing right by its side. It doesn’t choose to be comforted or not to be. It’s lymbic system just tells it being in the herd is right, and that everything is ok. It’s humanity that must “define self”. If you could ask your pets or small children who they think they are, they will say “I am me”, and they won’t even think to ask, “Do you love me?” To the emotional mind this is an automatic assumption. It’s innate to survival. It’s when the idea arises that we must know if we are loved, that we get all the aberrations that lead to mental illness, suicide, and the myriad evils and abuses perpetrated on the world. It’s the idea that the other doesn’t love you that makes you feel the need to fight the other. The idea that they would deny you anything or take from you what you need.

The idea that you are anything other than worthy makes you snipe at your friends, makes you pointlessly criticise your spouse, makes you self destruct, because you just don’t see how you will ever be happy, and in the process punish everyone around you because they had happiness and didn’t share it with you.

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Most hateful people are disappointed in love and life until trained otherwise. Bullies instinctively know that making you feel unworthy and unloved, you will give power away. Yes. You will let them have the experience they have come to enjoy as a substitute for being loved, until they get sickened by that addiction, as they will in time.

Hate is an intense destructive love. That is exactly what hate is, because we actually don’t have any other spirit/emotion in us. Just a myriad of masks we call ideas or beliefs that twist it, and they are disappointed because they didn’t keep the very first assumption of human nature. The child assumes subconsciously, “I am worthy.” This is necessary for survival, absolutely necessary. Where they get confused is when they are taught things that relate to “why”. Humans are the creatures that need why, but there is only one reason anyone is worthy of anything.

You are worthy by the fact of your presence. All that you are present with, you are worthy to participate in. All persons who are in contact with you are worthy to interact with. This is without exception, but we get confused by artificial notions of “the rules”. How we are allowed to interact with others and why. These are lies, though some have some basis in truth.

We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”. But we are worthy for different things, because we are innately different people.

There are some things that are universal. Killing the herd is not natural. It’s instinctively recognized as a risk to the survival of the herd and of self, and depriving the other of food and shelter is not natural. It’s recognized that anything we deprive the other compromises the self, even if we might not objectively know why. But despite all that, we have individual characteristics that are totally valid, and should be given place in our worthiness. Expressed in the only way they can be, because even instinctively that is how we know we are worthy.

Some people are highly sexual. Some people are not highly sexual. We should not subject either to social torments for arbitrary ideas that have no basis in fact. There are some people who are very thoughtful, and others who are very active. We should not esteem one over the others for some ill considered judgements of the value of one trait over the other, which again have no basis in fact. We have some who are highly sensitive, and others who are highly sense object focused. We need both for a complete picture of our lives as a people and as a species among all the species among life. But are any of these realizations possible if anyone is lead to believe they are unworthy? That they are undeserving or less entitled? If one person communicates their unworthiness to us in any way, can we keep peace with that? Why is it we hate it when we think our friends or family have a low opinion of themselves? Thoughts?

Jeopardizes our survival? And I have seen people panic over that with the same intensity as they would if they felt they were in danger of drowning.

We do not have a low opinion of them, so it doesn’t make sense. But low opinions of ourselves seem to make perfect sense. Low opinion of anyone makes no sense at all, but we are hypnotized into believing that if our thought model is consistent then everything is alright. Delusions can be remarkably consistent. In fact, usually are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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