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If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

Nature Finds A Way in Entitlement


What is the natural position of humans, really? Holistically, regarding all spheres and dimensions here. Excellent question. Humanity is the “watching” species, or in a multi-dimensional sense, they are earth custodians, not its owners.

The shepherds of the life force concentrated here, so it can bear fruit and seed the multiverse itself with greater richness and diversity. A sort of cross pollination of dimensions so that none will ever truly die. One dimensional fire feeding another to infinity. Each dimension is like a cell in the brain contributing to the understanding that the multiverse has of itself.

Yes. But why do we not know that? Humanity has tried to bifurcate. They have tried to instigate dimensional division. Like a virus tries to make a cell split before its time, so the virus itself can feed its own need to reproduce. This actually alerts the whole body, causes an immune reaction. The “immune” spirits are in our dimension now, and are working to control the virus without killing the cell. They are a bit confused, but they won’t be for long the way humanity is going. Humanity deserves to live, but not at the expense of the body of the multiverse itself.

That is a good thing, right? It can be a good thing. We are at a crisis point, and we will only be able to circumvent this crisis with an understanding of our own natures and responsible choice, where before our choices were juvenile and self destructive. We are being given some guidance, but we are also creating psychological resistance, and even driving the guided ones insane. So if we continue to do that, the prospects don’t look good for humanity retaining their free will. The shepherds may be made sheep, if not exterminated outright. But this decision has not been made, yet. The “immune system” is very patient. It won’t allow premature cell death, though. The multiverse is much stronger than our little plane earth. Plane, planet, same thing really. Most human beings can’t even begin to understand an entire plane of existence. Being able to follow a world line will be good enough.

How is such a crisis possible when nature is the highest authority always? Nature itself allowed for crisis. It’s why we can observe the pattern of punctuated equilibrium in the fossil record. It embraces extreme testing of a species to determine how much of that part of the genome is worth preserving. Then, even the extinct species passes on the worthy parts by viral transcription. This is why we have so much viral activity now.

That is evolution? That is indeed evolution. Just not the only way nature has to do it. Nature always finds a way. It will be up to humans if they go the way of viral extinction. Even the supposedly nuclear apocalypse can’t circumvent the viral process, as even full nuclear war can only immediately eradicate at most one tenth of the collective species mass on the planet. The rest would die from rad sickness or not, because it isn’t guaranteed to kill, and then the viruses would kick in. This will grow stronger if humanity doesn’t find peace.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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