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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Act As Self in Entitlement


Why do some people try their best to make others feel unworthy? They are trying to reconcile their feelings of unworthiness, and have gone to feral extremes to do so. They are in a traumatic panic. Our emotional mind knows that anything other than worthiness is wrong, but then our thinking minds get in the way and try all sorts of context appropriate, but otherwise psychotic, fixes.

We, in this day and age, have the ability to reverse engineer the emeotic track that has lead us to inherit all these toxic ideas. I will argue it’s even necessary for our very survival. We have the potential to kill our whole species under our own power, so why have we refused to confront the myths in our own minds? Why is hate sacred, but our nature profane or beneath notice? Why are we not seeing the spirit that runs beneath all of this life that we now share very intimately with all others?

There is a reason we now have the phrase “It’s a small world”, and as they once said “All roads lead to Rome.” Well, now it’s true that all roads lead to the information super highway, directly in one way or another, and we can see very clearly exactly what our cultures are. What they have in common and how they differ. Are any of them real in an absolute sense?

Humanity has lived in a psychologically juvenile state for far too long. Their intellects have outstripped their psychic maturity. It’s like letting an infant loose in the streets to fend for themselves.

Worthiness can only be known without comparison. Exactly. It can only be known without comparison, which means that humanity has to differentiate from its “Mommies”.

Yet, comparison seems unavoidable as there is always “other”. Comparison is avoidable. When we see why we exist outside of the arms of Mommy. When we see why we exist outside of nations or faiths, ideals or philosophies. When we can confront self as self, and the other as other, and see clearly why they are other.

Comparisons are a rejection of differentiation. Comparisons are a rejection of psychic maturity. Kindergarten is over, friends. It seems that those of us who can see must act as self, and by acting as self I mean acting in some other context than treating the other as “object”. We have to see that there is no enemy anywhere, and no ground for anything other than self directed action. You help the child, because you have compassion for the child. You help the elder, because you have both compassion and respect for the elders experience.

What is the other context? The other context is roles, functions. Does it matter if that old man was a doctor or a garbage man? Did he not just as much live a life?

We may have, but this is not so with people at large, in fact. I often find shocking lack of respect for elders. And they are treated that way because of the context of the other. The other as object. They supposedly no longer have function.

A friend also assumed because her horses would steal food from another horse, they had no worthiness issues. She was right. None of her horses go hungry. The horse takes food, but does not cripple the other horses ability to get food. Humans take money, and they do cripple the others ability to get money.

In some animals, particularly the herd type, there is a proven “pecking order”. There is a proven pecking order, yes. The herd does not starve, and its members do not starve as individuals, but humans do.

The end of the line must realize unworthiness or get damaged. No. The other does not need to realize unworthiness. If I say you are strong, and even if I say you are stronger than me, must I be unworthy? Cruel motive spawns cruel systems, new and endless variations on systems. Pecking orders are without much variance. Even in conversations pecking orders can be established. If I defer to a counter argument, and even go so far as to say my argument is without merit, does that mean I must feel unworthy? Perhaps the pecking order is a condition of existence and not really relevant in the perception of self? We don’t rail as humans against all conditions, and animals rarely rail against any natural condition.

But were you a pup, if you were the runt you would be fed last. Yes, and survive perhaps to be the pack alpha as they often acquire skills that suit them well for dealing with the “fat and happy” members of the pack.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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