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You Are Deserving in Entitlement


In western society, they teach young men to be alphas. Lead them to believe that they are nothing if they cannot be an alpha. Which leads these young men to blind aggression, burn-out, alcoholism, drug abuse, and even domestic violence, because they have not been shown how they are deserving. They do not understand what they are entitled to, or their own worth. So instead, their shame makes them crazy.

In the case of women, every woman feels she has to be the most desirable even if she doesn’t even want to take a domestic role. She winds up feeling she has to be the “super woman” and can’t be seen with motor oil on her clothes and without any make-up on, and has to be charming to everyone, and can’t be gruff or anti-social because then she is supposedly “worthless”. This leads to female bitterness, drug and alcohol abuse, attempted suicide, and in this day and age even domestic violence. They are made crazy, because they don’t see that they are just as important and in some ways more so than the alpha female.

The war chief is nothing without warriors. The village head woman is nothing without the foragers. Actually, all that we value comes into existence because some men just like to build things or hunt things, and because they are willing to work with a leader. Would houses get built if everyone had to be the one reading the plan and no one wanted to do the labour?

Reminds me of my old work place, and often things didn’t get built. This is why many business fold. Would there be any peace in our communities if every woman had to be the center of attention and talking to everyone, instead of making a nice home or gathering things from the world outside the community? Would there be much capacity for healing if every woman had to entertain others, instead of caring for those who maybe can’t give her such enthusiasm because they are sick or distressed? What would that world be like?

At one time women were the primary doctors and well respected. These women doctors also often didn’t have husbands, and didn’t really want them. This was not considered strange.

You’re feeding my subconscious with models to work with to alter my idea of entitlement. You’re sneaky, but I’m onto you. You are also out voted, because your subconscious agrees with me.

The point of all this is, you are deserving of all that humanity has to offer, but you cannot earn it and you are not in your rights to take it by force. You are deserving because you are human, and you are deserving for being exactly what you are. What you are arose naturally, and served the greater need of life. Human life, but also the life of the planet itself. You aren’t an arbitrary number. You are a product of the wave form of the life force that runs through this whole planet.

I wish that would work with employers. Telling them I deserve your position because I’m human. Actually, you don’t deserve their position. You deserve your position. You just haven’t taken it yet, because you didn’t know what it is, or how to take it, and take it fully. If you rent out what you are to another persons idea of what your position is, naturally it will be unsupportive, even sickening.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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