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I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Time of Death in Spirits


Is there really a force that tells you when you can die, or is it the person that makes that call? It’s a mix of things. Most people think of life and the “other side”, but that division doesn’t really exist. Essentially it’s like looking at the world through a one way mirror.  God can’t, and doesn’t, take or give life in the way most people think he can.  God just is, and doesn’t plot life’s flow.

If I did something dangerous and I died, is that Gods doing or mine?  It’s not Gods doing. So yes, if you were on the threshold, the attendant on that side sees your condition though you see little or nothing. They interview you some while checking out your physical condition. They look at some spiritual conditions, and then you either move on to the “other side” or you recover, and the only “paperwork” is in the akashic record.

Familiar with what they are now calling “residual” haunting?  Residual haunting is when a place is imprinted, because places always are. So it isn’t the soul of the departed, it’s the “memory” and it is linked to the earth. This is part of why we come back, either because we don’t die or due to reincarnation.  This memory is called the akashic record, and the other side is not another planet. It‘s more like another channel.

Our memory here calls to us. The karma is in the record, and when you step back from it you get to see it. You might think “Well, why would that person want to come back?” But the thinking of the living is seriously limited, and is comparable to being drunk, drugged, or deeply asleep. The dead can’t see you in the tub. After a time they don’t even see what you call matter. They do see you. They see your “mind” or “soul”, but even if they saw you naked they wouldn’t care like a Peeping Tom would.

Do they usually know they have passed away, or can it take a while to figure out? Depends on how long dead, but being dead doesn’t really have much meaning for them, and yes some adapt slower than others.

They see us more when we open our mind to them in our awareness?  You can make yourself more visible to them by opening your mind. This is why people dream of the dead so much.  This is how we can call them, and space doesn’t matter. 

Do you just visualize your mind opening like a door, or is it that simple? Think them, and they feel it, and it can be that simple except most people can’t let go of the image they make.

I think of my loved one and they feel that? They do. It’s not annoying or anything usually, and they don’t have to respond but often will.

“Time” isn’t an issue. They have an infinity of time, and they do still appreciate being cared about. What they don’t like is being mourned.  That is stressful. They tolerate it for a while, but even the old ghost lore says that prolonged mourning will force their action.  The pain of their loved ones is felt strongly, and in some cases motivates a not right in the head soul to “end your pain”. They all have minds, and they aren’t all clear minded.

It kind of drives them to the brink, but fortunately the disturbed are rarely able to do anything. The reason disturbed spirits aren’t allowed to commit crimes like murder is that they have keepers. What’s funny is the soul is often mistaken for the keeper. People think “Oh no, I see a demon”, when in fact they see a disturbed soul. If you were to see the actual demon it would appear as a darkness that closes with the scary figure and makes it vanish, but people think that negative energy is a demon that’s going to get them. The reason those scary figures sometime linger is the daemons see things much like a spirit guide does. So sometimes it’s judged that this “damned” soul should be allowed to make an impact. Can you see why?

A way to give back ? In a way. It‘s a sort of community service though the “exorcism of Emily Rose” twists it horribly, but it’s sometimes to deal with the living also. How often are humans morbidly fascinated with the dark side of their psyches?  So from time to time they permit humans to see what they find so fascinating, and are pleased when humans are scared by it. Does that make them evil? Sometimes they even intervene like the “angels” do, though humans still don’t appreciate it.

I don’t know if I have ever had such an intervention. You likely would know, but you probably don’t associate nor have you met someone who would require the intervention. But it shows up in human legends mostly as the hounds, sometimes as a hunter, but a hunter or hound isn’t normally needed. Humans aren’t forbidden to do evil, and the normal cycle is they do some evil, get caught, or self destruct. Maybe both like Dahmer, but every once in a while the murderer lasts too long and creates a real imbalance. That’s when the hounds are cut loose.  It shows up in Greek myth too, but it’s the same thing. A shadow beast shows up, whether you see it as a hound, or snake, or whatever, and takes the disturber, or makes the disturber take themselves.  But if you follow haunting… Familiar with shadow people?  It’s only vaguely that most people are. It’s a big mystery, but they aren’t ghosts. It’s a simple clean up effort. The shadow people are the same mysterious darkness that makes the scary figures vanish, and prisons tend to have those souls. It takes a while to breach well enough to conduct a full scale cleaning of a place.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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