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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

Life and Death Interact in Harmony


So shall I do life and death?

First, life. Life is a force in the world, and often acts in ways we find really rather vexing. Life is the mildew in your bathroom, the spider in your shoe, and the stomach infection you got from that bad burrito. It’s all life. Life by itself behaves in ways that we find both comforting and uplifting, as well as scary and unfair. Cancer is life. The forces of life can be driven to do things that make your personal life very difficult, but they also make your life possible.

War on mildew? Is there a way to be at peace with things that make you sick? Over cleaning can make germs stronger. Perhaps I will touch on that.

Life feeds on life. Now enter death. Death has no visible form, yet we are potently aware of it. It moves through our world with all the power and influence the life force has, and it can make life seem almost meaningless. For some artists and young people, they do use it to adopt a stylized version of that attitude, and yet without death your own life couldn’t continue. Whatever infection you get, it will likely die which means you recover from it. A predator that pushes the relationship with its prey too far will begin to die in masses, allowing the prey to recover or an opportunity for some other species to prosper. Life in the case of terminal illness can be a force for little other than suffering.

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One year we had tons of rabbits in the neighbourhood and the coyotes came down from the mountain and ate them. Then they left and we have rabbits again. That is a good illustration of harmony.

Where life can be compared to light, death can be compared to shadow. In any given moment the life urge can be doing one thing to you, even something you despise like making you suffer, and yet the force of death will move in alongside it, and you know whatever troubles you will conclude. You will know peace again.

Visualize a prism. It’s only by the principle of interruption or disruption (also known as death) that the light can split into that colorful rainbow we enjoy. Does this show adequately how life and death interact?

Now remember I said earlier that reality as we know it is the interplay of a collection of forces? Almost like separate lasers projecting to the same centre to illuminate a hologram. We explored war and peace, as well as life and death, but you can throw anything in there and the process is the same.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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